"A personal growth coaching programme like no other." 


Learn what 97% of people never do...

I'll show you

how to get the

results you

really want.

Because it's not about what you

know, it's about the way you think!

Starts Thursday 11th June 2020


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 A Proven, Science-Backed Formula For Success..

Handed Down Through A Line Of Mentors Linking 

Directly Back To The Man Who Inspired The Entire Project.





A Complete System For Success

The 13 success principles combine to create

a complete system

for your success.

Powerfully Effective


Elite level coaching & a small group environment enhances learning & accountability and

accelerates results.


Most People 


 You'll benefit from applicable insights passed down from more than 60 years of studying the success principles. 


Return On Investment

When you learn the principles and how to apply them you can apply them to keep succeeding for the rest of your life.


Think & Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill and first published in 1937

is the #1 book self-made millionaires credit for their success.


Originally inspired in 1908 by the richest man in the world, Andrew Carnegie and

with more than 100 million copies sold, the book contains a formula for success

made up of 13 definite success principles. (See Below)


Yet although the book is widely considered to be the bible for becoming rich...

the reality is that the vast majority of those who read the book and attempt to apply

the principles do not experience the shift in results or riches they aspire to.


This coaching programme exists to change this!

"We become what we think about."














Many 'experts' hide their truth. I believe

it's important to be open and honest.

My Story


I spent 20+ years building my former business the hard way. Long hours, worry, doubt, anxiety, frustration, stress, sleepless nights, bouts of depression and disappointing results were all

key features in my life during that time.


My struggles eventually led me to seeking

answers.and to embarking upon a long and often challenging journey of personal discovery, development and growth.


Along the way I read hundreds and hundreds of books, sold my business, trained and worked as a business coach, hired mentors and coaches to help me and came up against more obstacles and brick walls than I care to remember!


Despite all my efforts and increased 'knowledge' and awareness, I just couldn't seem to make the changes or the kind of shift in results I so badly wanted!


Ultimately however my persistence and willingness to explore paid off.


In 2016 I was fortunate to be personally introduced to and then mentored and trained by Bob Proctor, the man considered to be the world's leading authority on human potential, prosperity and success.



As Bob taught me more about how the mind works, all the different pieces of the jigsaw I'd been wrestling with started to fall into place.


I learned why and how we really can be, do and have whatever we really want and, as I applied my new-found understanding, my life began to change like night and day!


Fast forward to today, I'm a fully certified independent consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, a high-performance sales and mindset mentor and a global expert in personal, professional and team performance.

ROB BEGG                       BOB PROCTOR

I devote myself to helping entrepreneurs,

expert business owners and 'high-ticket' sales professionals around the world to ‘waken up’ to their true potential, gain clarity, live on purpose and to harness the power of their minds to set and achieve life and business transforming goals they'd never previously have considered or believed possible.


In working with clients, I show them how to do THE ONE THING THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING

which is to change the way they habitually think!


It may be a simple concept but it's so misunderstood and almost impossible to do on your own. Reading books, watching videos and attending training seminars and courses just doesn't do it!


I've helped hundreds of clients around the world to achieve truly astonishing results and to live richly rewarding lives by combining elite-level coaching with a proven, science-backed process which delivers every time for everyone who follows it.


If you have a desire and would like to explore whether we're a fit for working together, I'd love to talk.


Because, whether we're a match for working together or not, what I know for sure about you is this...

You're here to soar, not settle.


Don't ever settle!


  • You're Already Successful But You Want More...

    You may already be financially and objectively successful but you want to take your results to the next level and beyond.


    This programme will support you to do just that. You'll learn how to shift your thinking and how to 'systemise' your success so you can continue taking your results and riches to the next level and beyond.

  • You Want To Be A Better Leader

    "If you want to become a better leader of yourself and others, this programme will deliver for you in spades!"


    Gaining an understanding of the principles in Think & Grow Rich and how to apply them, will equip you to be the kind of leader others look up to, aspire to being and want to follow. 

  • Learn What 97% Of All People Never Do..

    97% of people let their current circumstances, situation, bank balance, past experiences or the economy dictate their thoughts and subsequently their results.


    The other 3% (who earn 96% of all the money) think completely differently. Whether they're conscious of it or not (and most aren't), they think FROM their goals, not towards them and they grow rich as a result. 


    In going through this remarkable programme, you'll learn how to think from your goals so you really can Think & Grow Rich. 

  • You've Tried To Make Changes / You Feel Stuck

    Perhaps you've read all the books, tried all the usual "external" stuff like marketing, training courses or even conventional coaching. You may have tried different strategies but still not experienced the shift in results you wanted.

    This programme will help you understand why. Success is 5% strategy and 95% mindset!

  • You Want More Success And More Freedom

    You don't have to work harder or longer to get to the next level. Financial freedom without time freedom isn't worth having!


    By understanding and learning how to apply the principles, you'll begin to work in harmony with the Laws meaning your success will come more easily and with less effort and personal exertion.


    You'll learn how you really can have whatever it is you want.

  • You're Successful But Feel Something's Missing...

    Perhaps you're financially successful but somehow you feel there's something missing. Something preventing you from feeling as fulfilled and happy or as motivated as you'd like to be. 


    In going through this programme, you'll discover how to become truly rich... not just financially but in every sense of the word.

  • You've Read the Book But...

    Many people read the book but don't experience the change in results anticipated. This is because they miss the mark on fully understanding how to apply the principles. 


    In going through the programme you'll gain valuable insights and perspective on how to implement each of the principles and attain the kind of shifts you really want.

  • You Understand The Value Of Investing In Yourself

    You already know the best investment you can ever make to improve any aspect of your life is to invest in your own growth and development.

    You know NOTHING ELSE comes close because your outside world is a direct reflection of your inside world.


    If you're keen to learn how to create the changes you want in a consistent, proven and dependable manner, this programme will show you how.


Although Think & Grow Rich contains a proven, rock-solid formula for success, the vast majority who read the book do not experience the shift in results or riches they aspire to.


This was my experience too.


I read the book (a few times), tried hard to apply the principles but found implementing difficult and my results didn't change all that much.


This was until I was fortunate enough to be introduced to and mentored by Bob Proctor, the world's leading authority on Think & Grow Rich and on how to successfully apply the principles.

    Bob shared what he'd learned from his mentor Earl Nightingale (who had in turn been mentored by and was a great friend of Napoleon Hill).


    He also helped me learn about the immutable Universal Laws which govern the application of the principles and how to work with these Laws to create the desired results.


    And this is what you'll get in working with me.


    Over the course of 15 weeks, I'll personally coach you, as one of a small group, to understand and apply each of the

    13 principles so you can finally crack the code to be, do and have whatever it is you really want!


    15 Weekly

    Group Coaching Calls

    As a member of the group you'll meet once a week for 15 weeks for an early morning one hour coaching call with Rob.


    On each of these interactive calls Rob teaches on one of the success principles and on how to apply it.


    The calls also provide the opportunity for you to ask questions and to share your own insights and awareness.

    Study & Accountability Partners

    You'll be actively encouraged and supported to buddy up with an accountability partner from the group.


    Doing this provides you with some extra 

    accountability, support and perspective.


    Group members report finding it hugely valuable to be connected with one another in this way..






    Between Calls

    Each week we'll study a different one of the 13 success principles.


    Between the weekly coaching calls you'll study the relevant chapter of the book and expand your awareness of the principle prior to rob teaching on it.


    In teaching Rob provides additional insights and instructions on how to successfully apply the principle in the context of your desires.


    Support From Rob Throughout 

    Rob is 100% committed to you and your results.


    Although the bulk of your interactions with him will be on the weekly group calls, you can reach out directly to him at any time with questions or if you require some additional support.


    Each week Rob also sends out short 3 or 4 minute audios to support your awareness and understanding and avoid the common pitfalls.



    I am so grateful to Rob for teaching me how to think and live this way. Despite reading Think & Grow Rich, I never understood it like I do now.


    I've more than 10X my income as a direct result!


    Fiona Conti

    Conti & Company

    I love working with Rob, It's completely changed the way I think and the results I get.


    It's not that I don't still have challenges - it's just that I now relate and respond to them so differently!


    David Lewis

    Lewis Creative Consultants

    In a nutshell working with Rob has transformed not just my business but how I operate in every aspect of my life.


    I'm on track to achieve goals I wouldn't even have  dared to dream possible before!

    Miles Duncan

    LinkedIn Success Systems

    Change is inevitable.

    Personal growth is a choice.



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    Robert Begg

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