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"The single best thing I think I've ever done for myself, my business and my family!"  Sarah Cairns


"Don't think about it..because your current thinking is your problem! Just do it...you'll be so glad you did!"  Michael Webster

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"Why on earth do they not teach this in schools!"

The Essential Elements For Success

Most personal development courses and programmes fail to deliver lasting or meaningful results.


This is because they neglect the most crucial building blocks for sustained success.


Students therefore don't complete the work or fail to implement what they've allegedly learned.


In working with Rob on MMB you'll get ALL of the components you need to create real world meaningful and lasting change. 


Because true learning is behaviour change. Everything else is just information gatheirng.


Success in any endeavour is 95% mindset & 5% strategy!

Expert Coaching

& The Right Environment 

Rob is an elite-level coach and 

a global expert in human performance and success. 


When you enrol onto the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp, you'll be one of a small group who will be personally coached by Rob each week on a live interactive, early morning call.


The live coaching and the

small group environment massively enhances learning & accountability and

most importantly,

will help you accelerate the achievement of your desired results.


In between the coaching calls there's the option to reach out to Rob for additional support.


This means you're never on your own or stuck.

Valuable Insights You Won't Get Anywhere Else 

 Rob has studied both success and failure for more than 20 years.


During this time he's been personally mentored, trained by and has studied alongside some of the greatest experts in the world on human performance, success and potential.


Through a relentless pursuit of truth, his own passion and experiences and in working with hundreds of clients, Rob knows what works and what doesn't!


On MMB, Rob cuts through all of the clutter and complexity and guides you through a process which works every time for everyone who follows it. 


And this includes you.


When you follow the process your results are inevitable.

Lifelong Return

On Your Investment

In going through MMB, you'll learn a process which you can continue to apply to keep taking your life and results to the next level and beyond.


You might  be able to measure the time and financial investment of MMB but you can have no concept of the return you'll receive or where this will take you.


Whether it relates to your health, wealth, career, business, family, 

relationships, travel or some other aspect of your life, MMB will teach you what 97% of all people never learn.


It may sound like a bold statement but MMB will help you understand who you really are and how you really can use your mind to create the results you really want.   


 Mindset Mastery Bootcamp is a unique 12 week group coaching programme designed to support entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and consultants and anyone who is serious about creating transformational  change.

  • Create Order In Your Mind:

    Creating order in your mind is mission critical to your performance and success. Without order you spin in circles and waste valuable time and energy. MMB will support you to create order by helping you become crystal clear on what it is you really want and why.

    Find your purpose, create a clear and compelling vision for your future and set clear goals which align with your vision.

  • Harness The Power Of Your Mind To Achieve Any Goal You Really Want:

    You'll learn how your mind really works, how powerful you really are and how to harness the power of your mind to achieve any goal you set your mind to, You'll also learn why there's a gap between what you know how to do and what you do and how to close this gap so you achieve a whole lot more and experience the corresponding results. 

  • Remain Calm And In Complete Control Of You:

    Learn how to use your intellectual faculties to live from the inside out and to remain in complete control of your thoughts, feelings and actions.irrespective of what's going on around. You'll learn how to consistently respond versus reacting so you go through life with greater ease and greater results.

  • Eliminate Worry, Doubt, Fear and Anxiety:

    Linked to the point above, you'll learn what really causes worry, doubt, fear and anxiety and how you can eliminate these negative feelings and start living in a harmonious state feeling gratitude, appreciation, excitement, positive anticipation, fulfilment and joy.  . 

  • Move From Long Hours and Hard Work To Being In Flow:

    When you're in a state of flow, you release the resistance which is blocking your results, The results you really want then start to come through you instead of by you having to push to make them happen, When you learn to live this way, you'll never look back!

  • Live The Life You Were Born To Live: 

    When you master your mind, everything falls into place in a way that you could not pre-predict. You'll gain a deep understanding of the degree to which you really do create your life experience through the way you think and feel.  It may sound like a big stretch and a bold promise depending on where you now stand but applying the awareness you'll gain from this programme will support you to live a rich and fulfilling life completely on your terms.

  • Astonish Yourself:

    The teachings in this unique programme are based on time-honoured, scientifically proven principles and if you follow the process and apply what Rob teaches, you'll literally astonish yourself with what you're capable of achieving in such a short space of time.


My thinking has completely changed since I met Rob.   


He has expertly guided me to challenge the limiting beliefs that I've been living with all my life. 


As a result, sales in my business have exploded and more importantly, I'm living a happy life with confidence and a clear vision of how I want to grow further.

Melanie Auld

Spice Pots

I love working with Rob! 


It's completely changed the way I think, how I operate and the results I'm now experiencing.


It's not that I don't still have challenges - it's just that I now relate to them so differently!


Things just don't seem to phase me anymore!

David Lewis

Lewis Creative Consultants

Working with Rob has really opened my eyes to a different way of living.


It's been transformational not just for my business but in all areas of my life.


I'm now on track to achieve goals I wouldn't even have dared to dream possible before.


My advice is do what he says, pay what he asks and you'll be so glad you did!

Miles Duncan

LinkedIn Success Systems


Many so-called 'experts' hide their truth.

I believe it's important to be open and honest.

My Story


I spent 20+ years building my former business the hard way. Long hours, worry, doubt, anxiety, frustration, stress, sleepless nights, bouts of depression and frequently disappointing results were all key features in my life during that time.


My struggles and challenges eventually led me to seeking answers and to embarking upon a long and often challenging journey of personal discovery, development and growth.


Along the way I read hundreds and hundreds of books, sold my business, trained and worked as a business coach, hired mentors and coaches to help me and came up against more obstacles and brick walls than I care to remember!


Despite all my efforts and increased 'knowledge' and awareness, I just couldn't seem to make the changes or the kind of shifts in results I so badly wanted!


Ultimately however my persistence and willingness to explore paid off.


In 2016 I was fortunate to be personally introduced to and then mentored and trained by Bob Proctor, the man considered to be the world's leading authority on human potential, prosperity and success.



As I learned more about how the mind works, all the different pieces of the jigsaw I'd been wrestling with started to fall into place.


I learned why and how we really can be, do and have whatever we really want and, as I applied my new-found understanding, my life began to change like night and day!


Fast forward to today, I'm a fully certified independent consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, a high-performance sales and mindset mentor and a global expert in personal, professional and team performance.

ROB BEGG                       BOB PROCTOR

My focus is on helping entrepreneurs, leaders,

coaches, consultants and 'high-ticket' sales professionals around the world to ‘waken up’ to their true potential, gain clarity, live on purpose and to harness the power of their minds to set and achieve life and business transforming goals they'd never previously have considered or believed possible.


In working with clients, I show them how to do THE ONE THING THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING

which is to change the way they habitually think!


It may be a simple concept but it's so misunderstood and almost impossible to do on your own. Reading books, watching videos and attending training seminars and courses just doesn't do it!


I've helped hundreds of clients around the world to achieve truly astonishing results and to live richly rewarding lives by combining elite-level coaching with a proven, science-backed process which delivers every time for everyone who follows it.


If you have a desire and would like to explore whether we're a fit for working together, I'd love to talk.


Whether we're a match for working together or not, what I know for sure about you is this...


You're here to soar, not to settle.


Never settle.


  • You're Already Successful But You Want More...

    You may already be financially and objectively successful but you want to take your results to the next level and beyond.


    This programme will support you to do just that. You'll learn how to shift your thinking and how to 'systemise' your success so you can continue taking your results and riches to the next level and beyond.

  • You Want To Be A Better Leader

    "If you want to become a better leader of yourself and others, this programme will deliver for you in spades!"


    Gaining an understanding of how the mind works will equip you to better understand others and to be the kind of leader others look up to, aspire to being and want to follow. 

  • Learn What 97% Of All People Never Do..

    97% of people let their current circumstances, situation, bank balance, past experiences, limiting beliefs or the economy dictate their thoughts and subsequently their results.


    The other 3% (who earn 96% of all the money) think completely differently. Whether they're conscious of it or not (and most aren't), they think FROM their goals, not towards them and they succeed as a result. 


    In going through this remarkable programme, you'll learn how to think from your goals and achieve the kind of results you may never previously have dared to dream possible for yourself.

  • You've Tried To Make Changes / You Feel Stuck

    Perhaps you've read all the books, tried all the usual "external" stuff like marketing, training courses or even conventional coaching. You may have tried different strategies but still not experienced the shift in results you wanted.

    This programme will help you understand why this is and that success really is 95% mindset and 5% strategy!

  • You Want More Success And More Freedom

    You don't have to work harder or longer to get to the next level. Financial freedom without time freedom isn't really freedom!


    By understanding and learning how the mind works, you'll begin to work in harmony with the Laws meaning your success will come more easily and with less effort and personal exertion.


    You'll learn how you really can be, do and have whatever it is you really want.

  • You're Successful But Feel Something's Missing...

    Perhaps you're financially successful but somehow you feel there's something missing. Something preventing you from feeling as fulfilled and happy or as motivated as you'd like to be or feel you should be! 


    In going through this programme, you'll discover how to become truly rich... not just financially but in every sense of the word.

  • You Understand The Value Of Investing In Yourself

    You already know the best investment you can ever make to improve any aspect of your life is to invest in your own growth and development.


    You know NOTHING ELSE comes close because your outer world is merely a direct reflection of your inner world.


    If you're keen to learn how to create the changes you want in a consistent, proven and dependable manner and how to continue to apply the principles throughout your life, this programme will show you how.

Change is inevitable.

Personal growth is a choice.

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