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Why Imposter Syndrome Is Your Friend!

In the the past decade I've been blessed to work with several hundred business owners and leaders.

In doing so, I've observed that the ones who consistently take themselves and their businesses to new levels share some common traits.

Including one trait which isn't all that common...

The Love Of Imposter Syndrome.

Loosely defined as the feeling that we're not really qualified to be doing what we're doing, that we may soon be found out (and suffer a consequent fall), imposter syndrome is typically the result of stepping into new territory.

It's a byproduct of 'next level' growth.

When experienced as an unwelcome (psychological / emotional) guest, it can cause us to react or respond in a variety of ways:

1. Suppress the feelings and carry on. (Never a good idea).

2. Distract ourselves from the feelings.

3. Procrastinate / avoid decisions or keep changing them.

4. Shrink back to the 'perceived' safety of our comfort zone.

The problem with any of these responses however is they invariably don't male for a smooth journey or lead to the desired end result and they can also set us up for  frustration or more anxiety along the way.

(As for comfort zones..... they soon become uncomfortable if we stay in them for any length of time!)

So, if loving imposter syndrome is a common denominator among those who are consistently growing and breaking new ground, how do more of us get to love and embrace it?

The first step is to recognise imposter syndrome for what it really is:-

A prerequisite for 'next level' personal growth.

(If we choose steady and incremental growth, we can avoid imposter syndrome but the downside is steady and incremental isn't what we really want!)

In turn, personal growth - in whatever context - is a prerequisite for living a more fulfilled, enriched and rewarding life.

Because, not to put too fine a point on it, as with all things in nature, if we're not growing, we're stagnating or dying!

Shy away from growth and we suffer the consequences.

When we recognise imposter syndrome for what it is - a necessary component for our growth and fulfilment - our relationship with it instantly changes.

Now we can relate to it as an invitation to 'grow' and as the gateway to feeling more fulfilled.

As something to be excited about and energised by.

As an opportunity to align our internal self-image with the desired external result.

To shed our inherited, accepted and self-imposed limitations. 

To step into our power, discover the truth about ourselves and express more of our innate potential instead of falling for the illusions and limitations.

Because the actual truth about 'personal growth' is that it's not really about 'growth' or seeking to become something we're not.

The personal development industry may perpetuate this belief out of ignorance of because it's profitable or both BUT

There is no growing into who you already are!

There's just the shedding of who you think we're not!

What's required to fall in love with imposter syndrome to the degree that we don't even recognise it as imposter syndrome isn't to grow, it's to learn to let go!

To let go of all the false concepts of self.

To let go of the BS limiting beliefs and our shitty, self-deprecating stories.

(The reason they feel so shitty is because they're not the truth..... and we know it!)

To transcend the ego and its relentless desire to preserve the status quo.

To step more fully into living from who we already are.

All of this sounds great of course and it's all too easy to say but how can we actually do it?

How can we stop being at war with ourselves and just make it easy?

And the answer to these questions is to understand the truth about who we are.

Because when we understand and embrace this, EVERYTHING becomes easier.

When we understand this, we see what a ridiculous concept imposter syndrome is to even entertain in the first place.

We see through the limiting stories we keep telling ourselves and we awaken to the BS we've been fed and accepted along the way..... based on other peoples' beliefs.

The challenge we face is that so much advice in the world centres on WHAT to do, WHY and HOW. 

Create a Vision, set your goals, create a plan, take responsibility and then implement,

And that's a recipe for struggle and for slow.

Or at least it is if you haven't firstly addressed the root cause of your thoughts, feelings actions and behaviours.

Yes, you may achieve your goals eventually but at what cost?

And if you do, you may be left with the realisation that happiness is not to be found at the end of the rainbow or in the things.

Happiness is to be found in the journey, not the destination. It's to be found by stepping into your power and by embracing imposter syndrome.

Because when you embrace imposter syndrome for what it really is, you free yourself up to "be more you" and that's where the magic happens.


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