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Why being Unrealistic is so vital to success.

Of all the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with in the last 12 years, the most successful of them have all had 3 things in common.

One of the 3 things is the absolute refusal to be ‘realistic’.
Some refuse because they understand how the mind works.
Most however have simply been willing to follow their heart's desire instead of surrendering to what they believe is 'realistic'.
This is vital because what’s 'realistic' is only ever based upon belief and is not true.
In and of itself, ‘realistic’ has no meaning, structure or substance.
It only exists in the mind as a function of perceptions and beliefs which are of course personal and subjective.
Perception is critical to our success.
On the one hand, it causes so many people to limit themselves, to deny their desires, create limiting beliefs, suffer emotionally and to keep repeating endless patterns of striving and struggle.
On the other it leads to growth, freedom, expansion, fuller expression, achievement and fulfilment.
When held under the light and examined, the whole notion or idea that we must or should 'be realistic' makes no sense.
Because realistic is just perception. A construct of the mind.
One which plays out in our lives like this...
We have a desire for something. Something more, different, bigger, better, greater etc...
Something we’d LOVE to be, do or have.
Perhaps it's to grow our business (although we can apply this to any desire).
Perhaps what we’d really love this year is to grow our sales / profits / income by 500%.
But, despite this desire, we don't allow ourselves to go there or dwell on it...
Instead, in our ignorance, we bury it or talk ourselves down. Mentally rejecting or reining in the desire instead of giving life to it.
500%! Come on! That’s completely unrealistic!
Says who?
Says our belief. Or someone else’s that we're open to accepting or have already accepted.
500%. Come on!.... it's just not realistic….look at the "facts"... 
The market isn't strong enough / where will we find the resources / clients etc. / we only did 15% last year / how are we going to make it happen? / we don't have capacity / I don't know if I'm good enough......____ insert more limiting, dream-killing beliefs here_____
"So how about a 20% increase instead?" That's much more realistic....... isn't it?
Says who?
And yes, of course we can always justify our ‘realism’.
We can always find ‘evidence' to support our beliefs and defend our limitations.
And we can construct perfectly logical, rational arguments for why something is unrealistic.
We can 'prove' why 500% is completely unrealistic!
Because it's what the mind does. It automatically seeks to justify and defend our current beliefs - no matter what they are.
No matter how limiting!
It has us believing that what we believe is true and has us creating results in harmony with the belief!
Our ego is so heavily invested in preserving itself and the status quo that it will always find evidence to support the current beliefs and align thinking, behaviour and results to align with them!
It's so clever in its mission and it always wants to be right!
But NONE of this means our beliefs are actually true.
None of this means that 500% is any more or less realistic than 20%.
Because it's only ever a perspective. An opinion. A belief or view point held within consciousness.
And perspectives, opinions, beliefs and viewpoints are all subject to change.... so they can't therefore be true!
They change over a period of time or in a when Roger Bannister completed a mile in under 4 minutes.
What's interesting about what's 'realistic' is it's instantly changeable too.
Right now in fact. And at any time.
Because ultimately we always get to decide what's realistic... for us.
And if we really want to light a fire within ourselves and express and experience more of our potential, we'd be wise to consider what we're choosing or deciding to accept as realistic or true.
We should never allow what we perceive or believe to be realistic to rein in our desires or to govern our goals or intentions.
That's called selling ourselves short and it's a recipe for suffering.
And we should be very wary of asking other people what they think..... because what we get in response is their belief system.
Their version of realistic.
In setting our goals, we should never do this by looking through the lens of history or our current beliefs or perception of what’s realistic or achievable.
Because, although it may be what we’re conditioned to do, it’s definitely not what we’re designed to do.
We're here to be led by and to follow our heart’s desires.
Because our heart not only knows the way to attain our desires, it also know we're here for far more than we so often allow....
Our heart knows we're here for fuller expression and expansion.
For richness of experience. For growth.
Our heart knows so much more than our head or our conditioned little ego.
It's why we feel bad when we deny our desires, settle or fall for the illusions of our limiting beliefs or add meaning to things which isn't true.
It's why we feel good when we allow our desires, lean into expressing our potential and align our thinking more closely with the truth instead of with our perceived limitations.
It may sound a bit ‘woo-woo’ or ethereal or 'unrealistic' but whether we accept this or reject it, it’s the way it is.
Our emotional guidance system aside, modern science - in stark contrast with the 400 year old Newtonian physics we’re taught in school and have become conditioned to live by - confirms this. 
Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill taught us this, just as ancient cultures and countless other great teachers have taught for thousands of years.
If only we’d allow ourselves to be 'unrealistic' and learn how to accept our desires and follow our hearts instead of falling for the reason and logic of our fearful ego, we'd be so much richer for it.
And I don’t just mean just objectively or financially; I mean in every way.
We’d be free.
Acceptance of our desires is fundamental to dissolving the subconscious limiting beliefs and conditioning which keep us playing small or staying stuck. 
Only by accepting our desires can we create new beliefs and begin to think and feel from our goals instead of towards them.
But we don't.
Because we don't trust. And we don't trust because we're afraid.
And we're afraid because we don't understand the mind or consciousness.
Instead we trust what our change-resistant ego tells us about what's realistic or possible.... for us.
And so we continue to use such things as our memories of the past, last year's performance, the current situation, circumstances and logic as the basis for setting our goals and making decisions.
Denying our true desires. Denying our potential. 
And suffering the consequences.
Ironically we fail to realise that we don’t actually see things as they are; we see things through the filter of what we believe in our heart.
So we remain boxed in and blind to opportunities.
Remaining unaware as to why being unrealistic is so vital to our success.
Unaware that unless we're unrealistic and accepting of our desires, we're going to limit ourselves, get stuck or feel like a hungry ghost constantly seeking out more to feel safe, secure or in control.
To be truly free and fulfilled, we've got to be willing to be unrealistic.
And on some level we've got to be and do what others might call stupid, delusional or mad.
Because we're not here to live someone else's life or to be swayed by others' beliefs.
We're here to live our life.
We're here to wake up and to learn how to play the game. To learn how to accept our deepest desires with the understanding of why we even have them in the first place!
We're here to wake up to understanding that our acceptance of our desires is what moves them into our experience.
To wake up to how our minds work and to realise that success is never the outcome of hard work, effort and struggle; it's the outcome of allowing our desires into our hearts instead of denying them.

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