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The Mind & Money


It is on the minds of a lot of people..... a lot of the time.

And I was definitely one of those people. Money was always on my mind. 

Or to be more accurate, worrying about money and how to earn enough of it was what was always on my mind.

Until I eventually learned just a few simple things about the mind and money which changed everything...

With the most impactful thing being how to let go and allow more money in.

To allow more money into my releasing the resistance I'd unknowingly been creating through my thinking and ironically, through working so hard to earn more of it!

My intention in this post is to share some of what I learned.

It's a long post however if if you want to earn (a lot) more money, work (a lot) less and/or just feel (a lot) more at ease each day, then you may find there's a decent return for you in exchange for the time it takes you to read it.

Bruce Lee, the martial artist, movie star, cultural icon and philosopher often said: 

"Be like water my friend."

Although, in saying this, he wasn't referring specifically to how to be in relation to money, it was and is completely and utterly relevant to how to be in relation to money!

Just as it's relevant to our health and our relationships and our overall happiness and well-being.

So what did Bruce Lee mean when he said: Be like water?

Well, one thing we know about water is that it flows.

Flowing is its nature.

Water always takes the path of least resistance.

It doesn't get up tight when it meets an obstacle.

It accepts it and, assuming the water isn't contained in some form of 'closed-system', it continues to flow regardless.

It flows around whatever obstacles it encounters..... or flows over or under or through them.

And because water takes the path of least resistance, when it flows with an intention - such as getting to the Ocean - it invariably achieves its purpose.

A moving body of water is powerful. Unstoppable even.

But what about us?

Surprising as it may seem, we have the ability to "be like water" and to flow in much the same way.

Because flowing is also our nature.

Flow is in fact our natural state of being.

So much so that in each and every moment we can be in a state of flow or choose to return to being in flow...... even in the moments when we may feel very far removed from it!

In fact, in the very instant we 'allow' ourself to 'fall' into alignment with our Self and with the acceptance of our desires (and not our dreads or fears), we allow the source of our power to flow through us once again.

And if this all sounds like it may be a bit 'woo-woo' for your liking, I understand however we'd be foolish to dismiss the 'real-world' significance and indeed the measurable benefits of being in flow....

Because, aside from the countless examples of top level athletes and others who have raised their games and achieved great things through being in flow; change consultants McKinsey conducted a 10 year study on the impact of flow in business.

The study focused on business leaders and executives and among the many benefits reported from those moving into and operating from a state of flow, one which stood out was a 500% increase in productivity!

The equivalent of getting as much done on a Monday as it previously took them an entire working week to do!

So whether you relate to flow as 'woo-woo' or otherwise, it's worth pausing to consider the implications of this one benefit alone.

What might a 500% increase in your productivity in tandem with feeling awesome do for you?


The simple truth is that we are naturally powerful.

Immensely so.

And when we're able to combine our desires and intentions with our acceptance and allowance of them, we move, as a function of our very nature, into a powerful state of flow.

And as with a body of water in flow, we too become virtually unstoppable.

In any endeavour. And in a relaxed and almost effortless way.

Seeming obstacles may arise but we don't need to react or become stopped or derailed by them.

When in flow, we can see them for what they really are, choose to remain in state and continue to maintain our progress towards fulfilling our conscious intentions.

The problem we have is we generally don't 'allow' our natural state of flow.

We don't allow our inherent power.

We resist or block it.

We react. We tighten up. We get angry or upset. We let obstacles derail us. We doubt. We worry. We try and control and manipulate.

We condition things.

We buy into and believe our own BS stories. Stories about why we can't but they can. Stories about why we should or must or shouldn't or mustn't.

Stories about why we're not good enough or why we're right and they're wrong or why something really good probably won't happen .... or is too hard or too difficult.

We rationalise; applying our faulty logic and reason (the logic and reason driven by the very beliefs and conditioning which are creating the resistance in the first place!)...

We freeze, we back-track and we defend our lack and limitations.

Or we seek to force things to 'make it happen!'

And in doing so, we further restrict our power source, deny our desires, turn off the taps and shut off the flow.

We resist the good we desire... including the money.

We may even twist ourself out of shape somewhat.

Not intentionally of course.... we only resist because we've forgotten or are unaware.

Forgotten or are unaware of who we are, of how things work and of how to be in flow.

Forgotten how bloody amazing it feels to be in flow.

So many of us are so accustomed to living with varying degrees of resistance in our minds and bodies that we perceive the resistance to be what's normal or natural.

And we've not only lost touch with how amazing being in flow feels, we've lost touch with the very reason it feels so amazing.

The reason being that it's our natural, abundant state of consciousness.

And so, in our ignorance of this and of why this matters quite as much as it does, we press on from our state of lack and we continue to resist.

Pinching ourself off.

We settle for feeling OK or average or "fine."

(F.I.N.E. being an acronym for Fucked Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. When you ask someone how they are and they reply with "I'm fine", it's inevitably a strong indicator that they're not feeling fine at all!)

In our forgetting or our ignorance and in settling for feeling OK, we're unaware of what we're cutting ourself off from.

Unaware as to WHY being in flow is so important....

Not just to the realisation of our desires or our income but to our health and wellbeing and to the quality of our life as a whole.

It's important because we NATURALLY CREATE from and in harmony with whatever states of consciousness we predominantly occupy.

It's important because we NATURALLY CREATE from and in harmony with whatever states of consciousness we predominantly occupy.

[The duplicate was deliberate]

But without this awareness, we continue to resist by remaining in our old default states.

Driven by our unconscious conditioning, our fears and scarcity and our identification with our ego.

Driven by the conditioning which includes the (false) but pervasive belief that we must 'do' in order to 'have'.....

And by the ego which is so desperate to preserve this illusion along with the status quo and with being right.

Meaning we get caught up in all our doing and trying!

Pushing water uphill instead of being like water, we become so caught up in the belief that 'doing' is good and necessary that we may even feel proud about or take comfort in how 'ridiculously busy' we are!

And in all our doing in pursuit of all our having, or in seeking to allay our fears through action, we're typically just creating more resistance to experiencing what it is we really want.

If only we could be like water, everything we want would flow to us so much more quickly and effortlessly!

And we'd enjoy the journey so much more!

The journey that is our life!

So, what does it take to be like water?

The one and only thing it really takes is to accept our desires and to let go.

To loosen up. To lighten up. To the point of experiencing an inner sense of calm and peace. The kind of peace that comes from actually knowing why it is we want what we want in the first place beyond believing we'll feel better for it in some way.

But the problem is we don't know how to loosen up or let go.

Or we've forgotten.

Or worse, we can't even relate to the concept.

Because we're so conditioned to believe that having requires lots of doing and effort-ing.

But this aside, even when we do know how to let go, we're secretly afraid to.

We're so accustomed to rowing our boat upstream and holding on so tightly to the oars that it just doesn't feel safe to let go.

And yet ironically, most people are working hard towards the day when they finally can!

Spending the best years of their life experiencing varying degrees of worry, doubt, anxiety or fear... and clinging on.

Unaware that the best time to let go of the oars is right here, right now.

Unaware that letting go is 100% safe.

Unaware that the fastest, most reliable, most certain and most effortless way to experience more of what we want - including the money - is to let go. 

Unaware that the fastest, most reliable, most certain and most effortless way to experience more of what we want - including the money - is to let go. 

Just as the fastest, most reliable and certain way an eagle gets to experience the soaring it's so perfectly designed for and which it finds so effortless to let go!

To let go of clinging to the cliff edge.

To let go of fear. To not flap.

Because soaring and controlling and hanging on tight don't go together.

Not for eagles. Not for us.

But knowing this intellectually doesn't help that much. Letting go is still hard and it's still scary.

What if we let go and we don't soar? What then?

But what if we don't let go at all?

What then?

Do we get to the end of our lives and wish we'd been a bit more uptight, controlling and fearful?

Do we look back and wish we'd been more worried, doubtful, anxious or stressed?

Or might we look back and wish we'd learned how to trust, how to let go and have faith like the eagle..... and to live more as a result?

It's hard because many of us have grown up believing 'hard work' is an essential ingredient in the recipe for 'success', for earning money and for getting ahead in life.

To believe 'working hard' is a virtue.....

And that we MUST take control of our lives...

We may have watched our parents do it. We observe others doing it. It's commendable... isn't it?

But it all stems from a flawed premise.

Based on nothing more than a set of beliefs.

Beliefs borne out of a lack of awareness and a lack of understanding of who we are, why we're here, what the mind is, how it actually works ... and how it works for us too.... if only we'll "let" it.

Beliefs which have been explicitly or implicitly passed down (albeit with good intent) but which so often result in doing more harm than good...

How many of us have heard others or have ourselves said: "I was so busy working I missed out on my kids growing up."  ?

In falling for the 'you've got to work hard to make money and get ahead' myths, we live out our days as human-doings.

Unaware that our conditioning and beliefs - whilst not true - have become our truth.

Just as they always do.

And in all our 'doing-ness' we've lose sight of our 'being-ness'.

And have lost our awareness of the simple truth that money - and indeed everything else we may desire - flows so much more easily into our experience when, regardless of our 'doing-ness', we remain aware of our being-ness.

And we've lost sight of the truth that our predominant states of being will always objectify themselves.

If we'd only trust and allow ourself to move back into flow.

To let go of the oars.

And just allow. And relax.

If we'd only allow our own naturally abundant consciousness - to do ALL the heavy lifting whilst we get out of the freaking way with all our controlling and effort-ing and hanging on to our ego-driven logic, doubts and fears.

If we could just allow ourselves to trust. And to accept our desires, align with them and to live more.

Because if we could, we'd be utterly astonished.

Independent of our current circumstances or our history or memories of the past or our beliefs or all we perceive that needs to be done...

If we could just allow ourself to be like water, we'd be amazed by how quickly everything would move in our favour.

But all of this said, it's not that we never let go.

Many of us have experienced periods of 'being' in flow.

A few days or a few weeks, a month or even a quarter or more.

(Or a few hours. During a game of golf or tennis perhaps).

When everything flows.

Doors open, people say yes, new clients come in, deals get done, everything runs smoothly, it all feels good and...... the money flows too.

And, in looking back, we may put it down to the stage of our business or to certain things 'outside of us' or to luck or timing or all of our 'doing' but what actually created the flow of such outcomes was us.

Unconsciously perhaps but it was us nonetheless.

Because our state of consciousness is first cause. Always.

What happened was our state of consciousness shifted and the shift created the flow of results... including the flow of money.

Perhaps we had a small win on the back of having allowed ourself to imagine it might happen and when it did, we allowed ourself to shift our consciousness a little.

We felt a little different. More optimistic, hopeful, confident. Perhaps we even felt a little wealthier and more relaxed...

Perhaps we 'allowed' ourself to imagine and expect another bigger win on the back of the first win... and so we won again and then maybe we 'allowed' ourself to imagine and expect some more and so we experienced more...

And before we knew it we were on a winning streak. Or a flowing streak.

It felt great.

Only it didn't last.

It came to a halt.

Because we fell out of our state.

Of course we might point to or attribute the halt to something external. 

But, utterly convincing as the external cause may appear, the true cause of the end of the winning streak - just as it was at the start - is us.

Whatever the seeming obstacle, we either reacted to it or it showed up as a result of our prior thoughts and feelings.

Regardless of the specifics, we fell out of the state of consciousness that was creating the wins.

Before we knew it, WE BECAME the resistance once again. 

We reverted to an old familiar way of being and thinking and feeling.

Back to the discomfort of our old, uncomfortable but comfortingly familiar emotional dwelling place.

So frustrating! Just when we'd almost allowed ourself to believe we'd nailed it.... just when we thought we'd become like water..... we muddied it instead with our thoughts.

What makes it all the more challenging when this happens is we know we're doing it.

Because we feel it. We feel the tension return.

We feel the tightness, the worry, doubt, anxiety and the scarcity all creeping back in, settling and taking hold.

Taking hold of our thinking and feeling and, once again we press the pause button on living out our dreams....

Once again we're afraid to spend the money or take action. Or we're fearful around bills.

What if there's a lean period ahead? Will we have enough to get through? What if? Let's wait and see. Maybe next year.

And before we know it, we're on alert for things to not go our way... or predicting in our mind that they may not.

Unaware that we're now accepting thoughts and ideas which conflict with what we want and therefore we're in danger of creating what we don't want.

Unaware that we always create from our predominant states of consciousness..... even if we deny it.

And in the midst of such periods, it's so, so tempting to give life to our old stories again.

To feed our old addiction to struggle or lack. Or I told you so.

Especially if we're unaware of the power of our thoughts. 

In our eagerness for the wins, the deals, the sales and the money, we try and we try harder and we do more and do differently...

BUT without our state of consciousness being in alignment with out desires, it's an uphill battle.

Steep and hard fought.

And we feel it. We feel the disconnect. We feel it in our body.

The disconnect between our desires and our state. We feel the non-acceptance.

We're well aware the torch-light of our consciousness and attention is on what we don't want and not on what we do want.

Like our focus and attention has a mind of its own.... One which is separate from our desires and intent on focusing on our doubts and fears.

We may put on a brave face but we feel the feelings that come from fast-forwarding in our mind and imagining what we don't want instead of what we do.

We're not being like water.

We may even freeze. 

And frozen water doesn't flow. 

So everything slows.

And we wonder why the flow and the winning didn't or couldn't last?

We wonder why we have to suffer the ups and downs and the yo-yo results.

Failing to notice - once again - that it's our very own state of consciousness which is determining our results and not the things or the economy or the team or the strategy or our doing-ness.

Failing to realise that what really caused us to be bumped out of our winning streak and our state of flow in the first place was that we simply came up against or were triggered by a belief.

And that this is all it was.

A belief or assumption about ourself, about money, about others, about the way things work or the way things are.

A belief about what may or may not happen. A belief that then created the fact.

Maybe, towards the end of our winning streak, what we bumped into was the 'upper limit' of our financial thermostat.

And we unconsciously became scared...

Scared because our ego doesn't like new, unknown territory and in seeking to pull us back to what's most familiar, ego throws fears and doubts into our consciousness.

So perhaps from the new heights we'd attained following our winning streak, we became more aware of what could now go wrong than what could continue to just keep going right.

Perhaps we held a belief that "it was too good to last"...... and that belief then crystallised... in the way beliefs inevitably do.

Whatever the belief may have been, we tightened up and cut ourself off from our flow.

We se up resistance. Again.

And the beliefs and assumptions we'd consciously or unconsciously held within were then reflected back to us from without.

It can be very tough and challenging to accept or admit that this is how things work.

But accepting it is the only door there is to finding the freedom, abundance, peace and happiness we may be looking for.

Which are ALL in our nature.

We can choose not to connect the dots and continue to look outside ourselves but if we're prepared and courageous enough to look closely, we'll soon see what's outside us is in fact a mirror of what's going on inside us.

Our internal stories on display.

And, if we're prepared to accept the price of this awareness, we can put ourselves firmly in the driving seat of our lives....

And not only enjoy the health, wealth, relationships, abundance, money and income we may aspire to but enjoy experiencing it all without the struggle or the endless amounts of doing!

The price of the awareness however is responsibility.

Because if we accept the truth that our predominant states of consciousness always objectify themselves, then we must take responsibility for what we create as a result of our states.

And, despite the incredible benefits and freedom this brings us...

And despite the fact that we're inevitably paying a much higher price for our ignorance,  the responsibility that comes with it can often be perceived as too high a price to pay.

Either because it's more appealing and tempting to blame things outside of us (and thereby surrender to the false belief that we are powerless victims without the ability to create the change we want)...

Or because we believe that consciously shifting our states of consciousness to align with our desires is just too hard.

But this isn't the truth. 

It will play out as our truth if we continue to BELIEVE that we're victims or that it's hard... because, as we've just discussed, our consciousness always objectifies itself....

But the actual truth is that we've simply got to allow ourselves to be who we already are and not the limited self we may have come to believe or to think we are.

And when we do this, we can "be like water."

Just as water effortlessly takes the shape of whatever it's poured into, we can allow ourself to occupy our natural, abundant, state of being.

And to fall or pour ourself into occupying whatever states float our boats.

Such as the states of healthy, wealthy and abundant.

Because when we do, we will then be moved to think and behave and to create from this state of being. 

Just as we've always thought and acted from our states of being. Just as we've always created from and objectified what we're most conscious of being. 

Because it's always state first and outcome or result second.

Subjective state to objective reality. 

There are clues everywhere we may care to look.

Take any object and track it back to where it came from and you'll find it started in the mind. In consciousness.

There's a clue in the word BEHAVE.


BE first. HAVE second.

It's not HAVE-BE or DO-HAVE or HAVE-DO.

It's behave.

To have wealth, we must firstly be wealthy...... in our consciousness.

And the consciousness then gives rise to the thinking and to any doing which may be required on our part to fulfil the state we have occupied.

It's so simple that most peoples' current beliefs don't allow them to accept it.

Which on some level is deeply ironic.

Too obsessed with the belief around doing to accept it's a question of consciousness...

Whilst we've touched on this already, the point about 'doing' is this...

Any 'doing' that we do always originates from our state of being (our state of consciousness).

And the doing will always end up creating outcomes or results in harmony with the state which gave rise to the doing in the first place.

It's worth reading that sentence again. A few times. It could save you years of doing things and not getting the results you really want!

Because it explains why all the doing in the world in an attempt to materialise wealth, if borne from a state of lack, can never produce the wealth desired.

The same is true for health or weight loss or anything else you might consider..

It's why we go around in circles. Often big ones. Often for an entire lifetime.

It's the reason so many Lottery winners end up spending it all.......despite the money, their underlying consciousness is still one of lack.

Yes, we may be fortunate to be unconsciously blessed from an early age with supportive conditioning and beliefs and a wealth consciousness which is then out-pictured in our experience.

And yes, we may also succeed in shifting or moving our state along our journey and enjoy a prolonged 'winning streak' in the form of a career but if it's unconscious it may not last, it may be a slow and painful journey and it may involve a lot of ups and downs...

When it comes to the mind and money (or anything else we may desire); the fastest, most reliable and most certain way of generating the income or wealth we may want is to shift our state of being / consciousness first.


And counterintuitively we don't need to know how we'll earn the money or how we'll create the wealth before we shift our state.

This is all part of the Game of Life....

Finding out how we'll objectify the state comes as a function of embodying the state, not the other way around. 

Knowing how isn't our job!

Our job is to decide what we want, set the intention, accept it and embody the state.

And when we succeed in doing this, we needn't concern ourself with HOW. Not one bit.

Just like JFK didn't worry about how in 1961 when he announced he wanted to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

Just as Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Edmund Hilary, Elon Musk, Usain Bolt or anyone who has allowed themselves to accept their dreams and desire didn't worry about how.

Because full and true mental acceptance of the end will always will the means.


Our desires aren't given to us for us to deny or resist.

Our desires are given to us for us to accept and experience. Because that's why we're here.

We're here for richness of experience.

And if we keep denying our desires because we don't yet have the money or the time, that very state of consciousness is going to ensure the money or the time probably never arrives to fulfil the desire.

The simple truth is that all that's really required of us is to know what we want and to then allow ourself to fall into alignment.

To breathe and to fall into our natural state of abundance.

To line up with our dreams by allowing ourself to feel abundant be-fore the money shows up.

Be-cause abundance is our natural state.

There's that BE word again...

BE-fore, BE-Cause.

Always at the start, never at the end.

To be wealthy, we just need to think and feel FROM our Vision of wealth, not towards it.

It's subtle.

It's an art. 

Yes, it requires practice. Yes, it requires commitment.

Yes it requires us to assure our ego that we're still safe.

Yes, it takes courage to live this way.

Yes, it helps to have some help to learn how.

But if we just allow ourself to embody the state of being the success we wish to be ahead of the success showing up, then we move into alignment with the truth about who we are.

We open the taps, experience flow and then - and only then - does the success which we've embodied show up.

But it does show up. With absolute certainty. Every time and for everyone.

And it's by far and away the greatest way to live.

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