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The Massive Action Fallacy.

Have you ever walked a dog on a lead?

And wondered why it insists on pulling as it does?

Despite choking itself, it just keeps pulling.

Despite you being the factor governing the pace, the dog just keeps pulling.

If only it would learn!

(If you're a dog whisperer, I appreciate it's not the dog that's the problem but go with me here)...

Because this is just a metaphor for how so many of us run our lives.

Straining and trying so hard to get to where we want to get to.

Conditioned to believe that "massive action" is the answer.

Conditioned to believe that to get ahead, we've got to take lots of action and work hard.

It's understandable.

We're surrounded by others doing the same.

It's also what so many of the self-help gurus teach us....

.... take responsibility, set big goals, master your mind, wake up to your potential, go after your goals, make it happen... you can do it... pedal, pedal, pedal..

But the stats on the number who actually win from such activity or advice are shockingly low! 

Truth be told, it was my story for decades...

I worked hard and I bought plenty of advice. (Much more than I care to admit).

Get up earlier, push, get more done, implement new ideas, invest in productivity tools and more personal development, study books, set goals, 'educate' myself, work harder, work, try, work....

.....only to find the needle didn’t move quite as much as all the effort warranted.

And worse...

I was so busy working to get to the point where I could relax and spend more time with my family that I missed out on much of my kids growing up. How ironic.

Full disclosure... I didn't really know it at the time but so much of my efforts were also driven by feelings of not being good enough. 

I was trying to validate my self-worth through my business.......When I get to here, then I'll be good enough. Then I'll be happy.

And I was so busy straining and so locked in on my never ending To Do List that I simply didn't pause for thought.

I didn't pause for long enough to realise that hard work and long hours and pulling at the lead are not the answer.

Not even close!

If our results (in life or business) were really the outcome of our effort, knowledge and ability, more people would be doing a lot better than they’re doing!

Desire + effort + knowing how to do a lot better are not the recipe for doing a lot better!

They never have been and they never will be.

And massive action is definitely not the golden bullet for winning.

It may be admirable on some level but it’s never the reason for our success.

Because all the action in the world will never help us outperform the state of consciousness that’s giving rise to the action!

A consciousness of lack or scarcity or not feeling like we're good enough might move us into taking 'massive action' but here's the thing.....

Action from such states can never result in abundance or success or feeling good enough any more than turning left can result in us experiencing what we’d see if we turned right.

Because our results are not the result of our actions........ they’re the evidence of our underlying beliefs...

Beliefs about ourselves, about the world and about others.

Many of which are subconscious.

And when we're unaware of this, the challenge we have is that these beliefs hijack our thoughts and feelings, create a state of consciousness and move us into action (or inaction) to do or not do the things which inevitably end up mirroring back the belief and the state!

This is cool if you're fortunate enough to have some good internally aligned unconscious beliefs because it puts your success on autopilot BUT it's not much fun otherwise!

Our beliefs and assumptions are the governing factor at the other end of our lead.

We can pull and strain all we want to 'get there' and ironically, on a conscious level we believe we will...

But it's a trap.

And it's 100% mental.

One we fall into and can stay caught in for a lifetime.....partly because we're conditioned to believe hard work leads to results....

... partly because hope springs eternal .... and partly because we often get small tastes of winning which spur us on and keep us on the wheel.

But it's a trap nonetheless - luring us in because we lack the understanding about who we are, what the mind is and how to use it.

And it's not our fault. How are we to know? They don't teach us this at school.

How are we to know that unless our subconscious mind is also on board and aligned with our goals, we're going to remain on the hamster wheel until we're tired enough or sick enough or have simply had enough?

How are we to know that our subconscious beliefs and conditioning account for most of our thoughts and more than 95% of all our behaviour and results! 

So..... the million dollar question is how do we change our beliefs?

And the answer is firstly to pause...

For a short while, for a few hours or perhaps a day.

And just take stock.

Take stock of our lives.

For long enough to realise that our 'outside world' is a direct reflection of our inside world.

To see that our subconscious beliefs are not hidden in the depths (like many coaches may tell us) ....

They're all around us. They're out-pictured in our life.

In plain sight.

We're surrounded by the evidence of our inner stories, beliefs and assumptions about ourselves, about others and the world.

Our states of consciousness are on display on the screen of our lives for us to see.

And it's designed this way for a reason.

So that we can wake the F up, see how powerful we are and change what we want to change!

Because we can change our beliefs and we can create any new belief we want.

And - although I freely admit I didn't used to believe this - I now know we can change our beliefs quickly and easily. About anything.

Once we become conscious of them of course.

And when we do change them, the new beliefs start to become out-pictured.

With absolute certainty. Every time. No exceptions.

We can do this because who we are is greater than any belief or any state.

We get to choose.

Who we are is greater than any conditioning or story or limiting idea we may have unconsciously accepted along the way.

We're greater than the BS stories and limiting beliefs we've inherited or taken in without question....

Stories and beliefs which are not true.

Which keep us small. Which hold us back. Which have us view and experience the world in a certain way.

Which often tell us why others can but we can't.

And which, despite not being the truth, play out precisely as being our truth...... because they have to.

It's mental science .... and it's quantum physics. It's 100% dependable.

If we're to change the trajectory of our lives we've got to pause and realise that our consciousness is the first cause of our results.

We can mess about all we want with ALL the other stuff.

We can create new products, change our website and our prices, try harder, buy a new journal, make New Year resolutions, create a new strategy or do 101 other things.

We can continue to pull at the lead.

We can blame things or people 'outside' of us BUT when we blame or take our cue from circumstances, we miss the whole point!

We miss that the circumstances are the effects and not the cause!

And we set ourselves up for more of the same.

For taking our cue from the realm of effects.

For more familiar patterns. For another year (or decade) of striving without getting the results we most want, are capable of and deserve.

Yet, when we take ownership and shift our consciousness to align with our results, we find the new beliefs that come with the desired state soon start to take over and to play out in our experience.

What also happens is we begin to free ourselves from the effort and straining and we move instead into a state of flow. 

Our natural state!

And when we're in flow, we're not only happier and more at ease and peace, the results flow too. 

Because states of consciousness create circumstances and results, circumstances do not create states.

Massive action from a state of lack can only create more lack. 

Massive action from a state of abundance and flow creates abundance and NEVER feels like 'massive action'. 

Counterintuitive of course..... but that's one reason true success is sadly so rare.


What would it mean for you if you could turn your annual income into your monthly income?

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