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A Stealthy Dream Killer Worth Knowing About

If you want to fulfil more of your dreams and desires and live more fully, there's a stealthy 3 letter 'dream killer' you may just want to know about.

This is a longish post so here's a 3 bullet summary to help you decide whether or not you wish to read on. (I would!)
  • Most people deny their desires because they're living from a lie.
  • Your desires are meant to be experienced by you.
  • Why all you really need to do to live life on your terms is to expose the lies you keep telling to yourself and to others.

How often do you have a vision, thought or idea for something you’d really LOVE to be, do, have or experience?
Perhaps related to business or career...
Like adding a zero to the end of your average monthly sales figure (and doing this in the next 7 months and 17 days).
Or doubling your income and working half the time?
Maybe it's to do with travel and adventure...
Taking a year off and visiting 20 countries you've never been to.
Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, learning to sail or to fly.
Or something else...
Like turning your biggest passion into your new career, owning your dream car, watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat or running the New York marathon.
And yet…
When you have such thoughts, ideas or visions for what you’d really LOVE to experience..... what happens next?
What happens almost immediately?
The answer for most (and this was definitely my old story), is that what follows the big vision, the dream or the fantasy is a 3 letter word...
And BUT is the hidden detonator for a life-sucking, desire-denying booby trap!
A booby trap which denies us richness of experience and prevents us from living out our desires and dreams.
BUT detonates the dream killer.
What follows BUT are all the reasons it's not likely or possible or too difficult or too expensive or too soon or too late...
What follows BUT is why the timing isn’t right or why you don’t have enough money or why it will take 5 years or why nobody will buy it or it's too risky or why it's dependent on X, Y and Z.
What follows BUT is why you should definitely file this dream under ‘some day which is actually code for ’not in this lifetime'
What follows BUT is some kind of justification for DENYING your desires.
And here’s the thing. (I was going to write BUT here's the thing)..
What follows BUT is not just a booby trap....
It’s complete and utter bullshit!
And heres’ why….
Firstly, you have your desires because you are perfectly able to experience them.... if you really want to or would LOVE to.
You are not given desires for the things you truly want without also having the innate ability to experience them.
It's the way it works.
Your desires are actually given to you by you for you!
For you to breathe life into and to experience.
A desire is NOT given to you for you to go, "ooh, that’s a really nice idea” for all of about 2 and a half seconds only for you to then cut the idea off at the knees and shove it into some dark recess whilst suppressing the grief of giving up on yet another dream and subconsciously telling yourself you're not good enough!
Why would that make any sense?
Seriously. Why would it?
If you knew where your true desires came from in the first place, you'd know it makes NO sense to deny them!
You'd know it's NON-SENSE.
Here's the second reason it's complete and utter bullshit...
What follows BUT is NOT the truth.
ALL of your excuses, justifications and ‘valid reasons’ for why something you really want can't happen, why it will take X number of months or years or is too difficult or ‘unrealistic’ or why you can't afford it or 'shouldn't' are based on something that is NOT the truth.
Your current belief system!
And where did that come from? 
Why do you believe all the things you believe?
Why do other people believe what they believe?
And why do we each believe different things about different things?
It's because most of our beliefs are inherited from others or have been unconsciously picked up by us along our journey based on what we've been told, read, observed or been sold on.
Often in our formative years before we have the ability to consciously reject others' opinions.
Or in later life based on experiences we've had whilst being unaware that the experience itself was most likely the outcome of another pre-existing but unconscious belief!
And so our beliefs become cemented in and fixed not least because we keep repeating and believing our own internal stories.
Mostly works of fiction but which play out nonetheless.
It can get a bit loopy....
The point here is that our beliefs and assumptions - both conscious and unconscious - whilst not being the truth, become our truth.
Which is why they then become so entrenched and APPEAR to be true.
A loop of Cause and Effect with Effect becoming the Cause.... and so on!
What is true is that our beliefs play out in our experience and subsequently DICTATE the quality of our lives!
Beliefs about money, about health, relationships, business, other people, ourselves etc., etc.
YET (which is really a more sophisticated version of but) what we do is deny our desires because of our bullshit beliefs versus just changing the belief!
Instead of questioning the belief or the assumption that causes the BUT and sets up the denial, we choose instead to believe in the belief and bury the dream!
It's madness.
Why do we do that?
Especially when beliefs are easy to change!
The answer is because we're blind to it. Literally blinded by our belief system.
When it comes to changing beliefs, it gets even more nuts.
We may have been led to believe that beliefs are hard to change and so this belief then plays out as our truth BUT it's not actually true!
If beliefs become our truth (which they do), what if we believed that beliefs are simple, quick and easy to change?
(Which they are if you believe they are and know how to change them).
What then?
What would that do for your life experience?
What desires and dreams would you resurrect and live out?
What would it do to your income if you stopped basing your goals and plans on what you currently believe to be realistic or possible?
Because realistic and possible are only belief systems!
So what's really getting in the way of you putting a zero onto your annual income within the next year?
The answer is only one thing.
And it has nothing to do with anything or anyone else.
Because the one thing is just a freaking belief.
A belief you've accepted which has since become your truth BUT which isn't true?
What if you woke up to the truth about how amazing and powerful you really are?
What if you KNEW you really could experience your desires simply by staying true to them instead of denying or burying them because of a lie?
What if you stopped telling lies?
What if you just followed your desires? What then?
The irony is we're brought up being told to tell the truth but the actual truth is that we lie to ourselves and others all the time!
Because we see and experience the world through our beliefs!
And this means we not only pass our beliefs on down the line; we deny ourselves the richness of experience that we're TRULY here for.

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