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Snake oil, mindset and guaranteeing success.

180 days from posting this, many people will tell themselves “this will definitely be the year I / we ___fill in the blank____"

In 180 + ? days, most who make transformational intentions will realise it's (yet) another year it's not likely to happen.

Because statistically, the net change in results from one year to the next for most people is not transformational.

(For most, it's incremental and frustrating and this was certainly my story.... for years).

All the wanting, strategising, knowledge-gathering, intention setting and trying doesn't shift the needle all that much or for all that long.

Behaviours revert and thinking and feeling and overall results remain more or less the same.

Or something always just seems to get in the way.

Yet, there is a way to guarantee our success and to really shift things as we want to.... every time without fail, no matter what.

A way which is simple.

But one we reject.

Because despite our desire for big change, if we're unaware that our very own ego is on a relentless and stealthy mission to keep things just as they are and we're unaware of how it does this, then we dismiss the very things that can lead us to experience the change we most want.

Unaware that the ego's biggest fear is the change we really want, we fall victim to its strategies and to the ways in which it hijacks our perception, thoughts and feelings.

Money, time, timing, procrastination, history and trust are some of the ego's most used weapons against change!

Not knowing our own mind is the source of ALL our obstacles, we unwittingly think thoughts, choose strategies and behave in ways which (despite our efforts and intent), end up leading to more of the same ..... or similar.

So what do we do to guarantee our success?

The simple answer is we shift our state of consciousness.

In fact, it's the only way to guarantee our sustained success.

Because when we align our consciousness with our desires, our success is not just likely, it's certain.

(Just as it's certain our current results are the outcome of our current state of consciousness!)

The problem we have is that although this is simple to do, it's difficult (or impossible) when we don't understand what consciousness really is or how it operates.

And the vast majority of personal development and mindset coaches / teachers sadly don't teach this.

Instead they teach at the level of the mind and at the level of our beliefs and thoughts.

This typically then leads to struggle and sets us up for slower, smaller or temporary change when what we really want (and are capable of) is fast, big and permanent.... as well as simple and easy!

Speaking candidly, if someone had told me a few short years ago that big change is easy and that all that's required is to shift our consciousness, I'd have thought they were selling snake oil.

And if they'd then told me that by doing this, I could quickly multiply my income whilst working a lot less and having way more fun, I'd have called them out on their BS.

But I'd have been wrong...

My perception and my ignorance would have had me dismiss this and would have kept me in a prison I didn't even know I was in - because that's what our perception does.

It's another ego trick.

One which keeps us from the truth, preserves the status quo and steals our dreams whilst also having us believe we're right! 

Shifting our consciousness requires us to shift our perception and to see through the illusions of our beliefs.

This is simple but only when we get to the truth.

And, whilst not easy to get to on account of our current beliefs and our ego's desire for us not to, the truth is simple and it never ever changes.

What's true today has always been true. 

And what's true is that when you align your consciousness with your desires, you get to have whatever it is you really want.

And this is true even when we don't believe it....... which ironically, most people don't.

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