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Nobody has a Problem Closing Sales.

I was asked to do some work last year with a well known, professional golfer.

The request was simple enough.

"Rob, he’s not been winning tournaments lately and really needs help with his mindset around putting. Can you help?”

In many ways this request was similar to one I get when asked to help individuals or teams with selling.

"Can you help with closing sales. We've got a problem closing them.”

As it turned out, the said golfer - (much as I’d love to name him; I signed an NDA) - didn’t have any problem at all with his 'mindset around putting.'

Admittedly his putting did appear to be the problem but it was in fact just an outcome of something else entirely.

What he actually needed help with was a self-concept issue which was badly affecting his game when on the greens.

So, when we worked on sorting this, his putting too care of itself.

Truth be told his putting became better than it had ever been!

The thing is, it is SO EASY to fall for for the illusions.

In this case the illusion was that it was his mindset around putting.

And if we'd fallen for continuing to believe the illusion, we could have spent forever trying to correct a problem that didn't even exist!

And the net result would have been more frustration and an even bigger self-concept issue!

When it comes to selling, I see the same thing happen time and again.

Individuals and businesses investing (spending / squandering) ££££ in branding or marketing or a new website or sales training initiatives in order to improve sales.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with investing in any of this....

Such investments are often wise and necessary, or at least they are if you know where the problem really is!

Which brings me to the problem of closing sales...

In my opinion NOBODY ever has a sales closing problem.

"Would you like to do this or not?"

There's nothing complicated or difficult or problematic about closing!

At the risk of repeating myself, closing sales is never the issue.

It may seem this way but - unless it’s a product problem - any issue with 'closing sales' almost always boils down to one or more of three other things.

A positioning problem, a sales process problem or a self-concept problem.

Fix these and fix them in the right order and you'll find that closing sales looks after itself.

It's so obvious but it's almost always overlooked.  Often for decades.

If you're serious about change and would like to learn more about how to use the power of your mind to guarantee the results you really want, I'd love to talk.

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