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How To Make Change Easy

Most of us want to change something about our lives.

To greater or lesser degrees...

And this is a good thing.... because we're designed for change.

It's in our nature. We're here to create and grow.

So much so that if we're not creating or growing in some way, we're going to have a really, really, rough time!

But, despite our inherent nature, bringing about the changes we most want in our lives can feel so hard.

Especially when it comes to things like money or health.

But WHY?

One of the biggest reasons it''s so hard is that we apply logic.

It's not surprising. It's what we've been taught and conditioned to do.

In applying logic, we attempt to figure out ways and plans for how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

It's normal.

But it's a TRAP!

A good one.

Because it never leads to the levels of success we want!

If we succeed at all, we might put this down to logic and reason and the ensuing strategy but these are never THE CAUSE of our success.

And if we fail, we might put this down to external factors or timing or someone or something else but these are also NEVER the causes.

The real reason we succeed or fail in any endeavour is our dominant state of consciousness. Always. Every time.

We can never ever outperform our own consciousness.

It literally dictates our results.

Like a thermostat in a room or the autopilot in a plane, it's governs the outcome.

The reason being that our resting state of consciousness is what gives rise to virtually ALL of our thoughts, logic, reasoning, feelings, actions..... and results.

And the irony is this....

If what's driving our desire for change is the consciousness of not yet having or being whatever it is we want, we're setting ourselves up for continuing not to have it or be it!

And so we go around in circles or patterns....... often for our entire lives!

We remain trapped.

And it sucks. A lot!

But our ego loves this even when we don't.

Because our ego's job is to maintain the status quo... at ALL costs!

And it's bloody good at it too!

So good in fact that it constantly hijacks our thoughts, our logic and our reasoning faculties...... without our awareness.

Causing us to create strategies and plans and take actions which we think will deliver our desired results......

But which will ultimately lead us back to more or less the same net result.


Because we know we've got so much more inside us. All of that potential locked up within!! 

So, the question is how do we unlock it?

More importantly, how do we make it easy..... and FAST?

Because "I want change and I want it (and need it) yesterday!"

And the answer is that the ONLY way is to get our ego out of the way AND to shift our consciousness to align with our desires... in advance.

When we succeed in doing this, creating the change we want is simple and easy.. and FAST.

Better still, it's actually automatic.

But until we do this, we remain in an elaborate and beautifully constructed and hidden trap!

Suffering incremental change or patterns of sameness from one year to the next when what we really want (and know we're capable of) is transformation.

And we endure the battle.. day after day, year after year. Deceived by our ego... usually until such time as we decide enough is enough.

And we go in search of a better, easier way...

A search which can be lengthy, arduous and costly in itself.

But if you're ready to make change easy, to transform your results without the struggle (and your ego will let you off the hamster wheel for an hour), you can end both the struggle and the search next week..

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