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How To Get Unstuck - Instantly

Most of us get stuck at some point in our lives.
Some of us can stay stuck for a long time. 
I know I did.
And curiously, one of the reasons we become and stay stuck is that we don't understand why we've become stuck in the first place.
It's not obvious.
But the reason we get (and stay) stuck is always the same.
It's to do with what’s going on inside us.
We want something in our outside world to change - money, clients, wealth, a relationship, a promotion, a leaner body... etc.
But we refuse to give it to ourself in our inner world.
We refuse to give it to ourself in consciousness first.
And until we do, we can never experience what we want in our outside world. Not sustainably. 
Yes, we might obtain some short-term results and see signs that we're on the way but if we don't address the root cause of our stuck-ness - either by accident or design - we inevitably yo-yo back to where we were.
And try as we might, no amount of hard work, pleading, pretending, posting on social media , training or sales-calling will give us what we want....
....until we give it to ourself in consciousness FIRST.
In the event we do experience a sustained shift in results, we may of course put it down to hard work or a new strategy but it’s actually our consciousness and the resulting shift in our mental conversations and subsequent actions that are responsible for the shift - always.
Consciousness drives the very nature of our thoughts, feelings and activity and consciousness dictates results. Always.
If only it didn't...
It would be so much simpler!
If success was the result of desire, capability, strategy, effort and hard work, then most people would be healthier, wealthier and look better naked.
But the truth is we’ve got to embody what we want in consciousness first.
It's an inside job. Literally.
It's counterintuitive of course and our ego-driven logic and reason rejects this but it’s how it works.
It’s one of the 4 Rules of the Game of Life.
If we want to get unstuck, we’ve got to decide to stop spinning our wheels and denying ourself the results we know we’re capable of.
And we've got to decide to embody the consciousness of already having whatever it is we want before we have it in our physical experience.
And, despite what we may have been told, it is NOT about "fake it 'til you make it"…. because we can't kid consciousness.
It’s about embodying the state (of consciousness) that's aligned with our desires and then remaining faithful to it.
Doing this successfully involves getting our Ego on-board.
Ignoring this factor is almost always going to end in failure.
Because, as an elaborate safety mechanism, the ego equates change to danger and will do everything to keep us stuck.
And it's clever and it's fast and it runs our logic and reason!
So, we've got to learn to bypass the ego in order to achieve a sustained shift in our consciousness and our results.
If we simply try and fight the Ego, it will fight back and invariably win.
(Willpower is a finite and unreliable resource over the longer term and the Ego will out-fight willpower every time!)
But we so often ignore this and in so doing we also remain unaware of the power that resides within us to achieve whatever it is we really want.
The desire for growth, expansion and expression comes from the higher part of our Self - and when we learn how to consistently tap into this, all things are possible.
And they're easier too.
They FLOW.
But, in our ignorance, we push on, trying to force our results.
Trying to get our outside world to change without realising we need to change our inside world first.
And we continue to fall for the Ego’s stories about all the ‘valid reasons’ we have for things not having changed.
The economy, our boss, the clients, the marketing, people, circumstances and things..... yada, yada, yada...
Hijacking our thinking to convince us that if we just try harder, it'll all be ok.
And our Ego - which is only seeking to keep us safe - has us chasing carrots on  sticks or pots of gold at the end of rainbows...
Sometimes for years or decades.
But the reality is that the only way to get unstuck is to shift our consciousness.
And the easiest, fastest and simplest way to do this is to understand the truth about who we are.
And the ONLY way to do this is through experience.
It's not an intellectual exercise which is of course why the books, videos, courses logic, reasoning and strategies don't work.
FULL CIRCLE to Stuck-ness!
Whether you're stuck and want to get unstuck,
Whether you just want to take your results to the next level without the hustle and grind
Or just want to experience the truth about you....
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