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How To End Self-Sabotage.

Most of us are all too familiar with self- sabotage!

We set an intention or a goal for something we want to be, do or have.

This time we mean it.

We're going to do it no matter what....... and we believe it too!

And yet, before long, we find ourself thinking, feeling or behaving in ways which are in complete conflict with the desired objective. 

We de-rail ourselves.

AKA self-sabotage!

What makes it so frustrating is we're aware we're doing it but somehow we just can't stop ourselves.

But WHY?

It's because we haven't factored in that our conscious intentions and desires have virtually nothing to do with our behaviour.

We can set intentions, resolutions and goals all day long and muster all the desire, conscious effort and willpower available but this just isn't enough.

Because, as I've written about previously, what drives virtually all of our thinking and our behaviour (and the behaviour of other people towards us) is not our desire, intentions or's our 'state'.

By 'state', I mean what we're identifying with and feeling ourself to be at any given moment.

And the thing is, our state will always move us to think and behave in ways which cause the state to be out-pictured.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours come from our state and are reliably self-fulfilling!

By way of example, we might set an intention to become wealthy but for as long as we remain in the state and consciousness of 'not wealthy', we are destined to remain... 'not wealthy'. 

Or we set an intention to lose some weight and get in shape but for as long as we remain in the state of consciousness of 'not in shape', our actions and behaviours will align to create the outcome of.... 'not in shape.'

The trick to creating the change we want and to ending self-sabotage is to shift our internal state first and then the 'external' results follow.


It's completely counterintuitive of course but it's how it works - every time and for everything. 

Interview highly successful individuals and although they may attribute work and some luck etc. to their success, if you dig a little, you soon find they were in the 'state' of their success long BEFORE it showed up.

In fact, it was their state that gave rise to the work and the 'luck'.

They held their vision in their mind's eye and in their heart and it was then out-pictured.

Or, in other words, they were "in the spirit" of their Vision and Goals before they were accomplished.

The word 'inspired' literally means 'in spirit' and, as all action is essentially inspired, we must therefore learn to embody the state of our desires and abandon the state that gave rise to them!

If we're to say goodbye to self-sabotage for good, we must align ourself internally with our vision and learn how to stay there.

There is no other way.

So how do we do this?

The answer is simple but not logical.

In fact, it's so simple, our logic wants to completely reject it.

(But as logic is a function of the Ego and the Ego's job is to preserve the status quo at all costs, that's a good thing!)

Using logic may get us to our intended destination eventually but it invariably sets us up for internal and external struggle and for a long, slow journey).

What's required for a faster and easier journey to the realisation of our desires is to imagine how we'll feel and who we'll identify as being when we've achieved our goal. 

We must construct a self-image and take on the 'state' of consciousness of our future self.... in advance of the evidence.

This is easier than we may think.

The reason being that we've invariably set the goal or intention in the first place because we believe we'll feel a certain way as a result of being, doing or having it.

So the trick is simply to give life to this feeling and this 'state' now.

Not in a 'fake it til you make it' or in an egotistical way but in a fully embodied sense. 

What then happens when we do this is that our awareness and our thoughts, actions and behaviours begin to shift to line up with our state of consciousness.

Suddenly we find ourselves taking action which is aligned with our objectives and it feels natural and automatic rather than forced.

The internal push-pull disappears and we move into a state of flow.

Our vision then begins to move into form in a way that feels effortless and easy.

And provided we stay true to the 'new state', our old patterns of self-sabotage die away because we're no longer giving life to the old state which gave life to them!

And yet, despite the ease of this alternative route, we resist it. Conditioned to favour logic and struggle, we continue to self-sabotage and to wonder why it's so hard. 

And yet, if we take time to stop and look around, we can see that logic doesn't ever get anyone to where they really want to be!

Massive leaps in our performance and results are never a function of logic. They're a function of our beliefs and behaviours....... driven by our state!

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