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Flop to Win in Business and in Life.

If we really want to win in business and in life, one thing is certain.

We've got to do what almost everyone else is not doing!...

We must do something completely different.

Like Dick Fosbury did in 1968 when he won an Olympic Gold and set a new Olympic Record for the high jump.

In stark contrast to the scissor-kick, straddle and Western roll methods used by other elite high-jumpers, Fosbury did the 'complete opposite'.

Going over the bar backwards facing the sky instead of facing the floor, his winning strategy was infamously named The Fosbury Flop.

And, despite the incredulity this caused at the time, the Fosbury Flop is now the method embraced by almost all world-class high jumpers today.

But how or why is this relevant to winning in business or in life?

Here's why.....

When it comes to setting our vision, goals and targets or achieving 'new heights', what most people do is to use where they are today as a guide to their thinking.

They look at their current or historic results, current situation or way of doing things and use these as the basis for what they might do or achieve in the future.

And in so doing, they completely miss the mark on what they could otherwise achieve or experience.

Such thinking is of course logical and rational and understandable.

It's what we're taught, it makes sense and it fits with 'conventional wisdom.'

It also fits with another global pandemic... the one of "Being Realistic." 

BUT it's the enemy of change.

Because the big problem with using logic and reason for goal setting (or any other desire) is that these intellectual faculties are invariably dictated by the very same part of our mind which is actively invested in preserving the status quo!

Or at best, allowing some incremental change over time. (aka slow progress).

Meaning that if we use our results or logic to determine our goals or strategy, what we're really doing is setting our goals or strategy based on our current, unconscious beliefs.....

.....unaware that our results are in themselves simply an expression of our beliefs in the first place!

And then we wonder why we go around in circles, why we keep experiencing familiar yo-yo patterns or find growth and change to be slower, more challenging or harder work than we really want it to be!


If we keep using the results of our unconscious beliefs as the basis for thinking how to escape the results of our unconscious beliefs, it cannot be any different!

It's equivalent to getting into our car with the intention to go somewhere lovely and then keying our current location into the sat nav as our intended destination.

It's equivalent to standing in front of the mirror with a frown on our face and expecting the reflection in the mirror to smile back.

It's the equivalent of expecting the wood-burning stove to give out heat before we put the wood in and light it.

It's the equivalent of trying to clean a greasy pan using ..... more grease.

When we look at it this way we can see the madness and yet the irony is that this is exactly what most people do when seeking to create significant change in their lives and businesses!

They unwittingly use the very same beliefs that created their results as the vehicle for trying to change their results.

The problem is that when we do this, we're not aware we're doing it......(obviously)...

Blinded by reason and by our conditioned unconscious beliefs and by what 'everyone else is doing', we try harder to manipulate on the outside what's only ever coming from the inside.

New thoughts and ideas and plans are all very well but without changing the 'internal programme' which gives life to them, they invariably turn out to be just a new way to the same old result!

So, if we really want to win, we most likely need to have the courage to do what Dick Fosbury did...

And do what's completely counterintuitive and what most people never do...

Which means never ever using logic or reason, conventional wisdom, current circumstances or our previous results for goal or budget setting or for determining what we want.

Because they're all dream stealers!

And they'll always prevent us from 'raising and clearing the bar' in the way we'd really LOVE to (and in the way we're truly capable of).

If we really want to win, we've got to allow our heart to set our vision and goals, not our head or our logic or beliefs (or fears).

If we really want to win, we've got to kick logic and "being realistic" into touch... because they have NOTHING to do with what's possible or achievable for us or with what we're capable of.

What logic and "being realistic" have EVERYTHING to do with is selling ourselves short, killing our dreams, going around in circles and living with guilt or regret about playing small (when all along we knew we had a bigger game to play and more life in us to live).

NOTHING of any great significance has ever been achieved by "being realistic" or by allowing logic and reason to set the bar! (Unless it took a very, very long time!)

EVERYTHING of any great significance has been achieved through an unwavering attachment to an "impossible" dream, grand vision or goal.

What trips us up in achieving our dreams is believing we need to know how.

What trips us up is believing we can't decide or act on something before we have the money or the time or all of our proverbial 'ducks in a row'....

And nothing could be further from the truth!

These are mental traps governed by beliefs, conditioning, fear, guilt and not understanding how the mind works.

They're mental traps which can keep us on the slow train or stuck forever..... if we let them.

What's true is that when our vision is big and compelling enough, we don't need to know how. Not ever.

We just need to want it enough, make a DECISION and then stay true to our desire.

Which means staying true from the heart and not from the head!

Because when we do this, the how looks after itself! Every time.

Yes, staying true to the vision involves aligning our beliefs and our consciousness but this is simple when the desire is strong enough.

And finding the money or the time follows the decision, not the other way around.....because the money, time or the ducks being in a row are not in any way relevant until the decision is made!

Despite what our beliefs and conditioning and logic and reason may tell us, putting not having the money or the time before the decision is like putting the cart before the horse!

It's like worrying about not having enough petrol in the car when you haven't even decided if you're going to go anywhere yet!

People who achieve great things always, always, always decide first.... even when they have no idea where the money or resources will come from!

And even when they have no idea about how they'll achieve their vision... (which they never do!)

So, when we're setting our goals and targets and designing our life, what might happen if we allowed ourself to take a leaf out of Dick Fosbury's book?

What might happen if we threw the rule book out of the window and ignored "conventional wisdom?"

What might happen if we found a way to tune out the little voice which is so secretly afraid of change..... and to tune in instead to the part of us that wants it so badly?

To tune out the little voice which throws up all the worry, doubts and fears and gets us so stuck in 'how' that we never really move the needle as we want to...

But then again, we've always got our logic and 'valid' reasons for why we can't or didn't or for why the timing isn't right!

What would happen if we simply allowed ourself to base our vision, goals and intentions on our answer to just one question?

What do I really want?

Because the truth is that the only two things which will ever stop us from being, doing or having whatever it is we really want are:

1. A set of beliefs which aren't even true. (Including the one belief which stops us from knowing what we really want!)

2. Not understanding how our mind works (which ironically, is so simple it defies logic! 🤔 )

These are the only two things which stand between us and our dreams..... (although our logic and beliefs may of course tell us "it's just not this simple").

But it is this simple. It absolutely is.

Because when we decide what we want, stay true to this in our heart and line up our beliefs, our mind will take us ALL the way there....

But we've got to allow ourself to go there in our mind and heart first... instead of being so relentlessly focused on trying to move from where we are now and using our head to work out how to get to where we want.


If what you really want is to serve 5 or 10 times more clients this year or to 5X or 10X your revenues and profits...

Or to double your income, work half the time and spend 6 months of the year travelling...

Or some other worthy goal or dream...

The one and only thing stopping you is a belief.

A belief that it's not possible (for you) or is too risky or that the timing isn't right or that the economy is a factor or .... some other B.S. belief about why you can't or shouldn't or why it's not possible or about money or what other people might think etc., etc.......

ALL of which are beliefs in your mind which are only that.

ALL of which are beliefs which your logic and reason will want to defend to the death and to point to all the evidence for why they're true or valid.

Granted, one or two of your reasons may be values-based but here's a common problem with many peoples' values. They're not really their values at all - they're just expressions of conditioning and fears or of 'shoulds'...and of beliefs about what's the 'right' thing to do vs. the 'wrong' thing.

Values aside, what's true (but defies logic) is that we don't actually see and respond to the world through our eyes; we see and respond to the world through our beliefs and assumptions and our beliefs and assumptions then become our truth.

It's ALL mental.........all of it...and yet without the awareness of what we're doing to ourselves and our results, what we do mentally is to automatically reject thoughts and ideas which don't fit with our beliefs and to automatically accept the ones that do...

And then we wonder - despite all our trying - why we get stuck or don't shift or why our business or income doesn't grow at the pace we want it to...

Unaware these things have to be as they are for us because they're only a reflection of us and our internal stories - nothing more - and until we change, the things we want to change on the outside can't change either!

Just like the mirror.

Dick Fosbury didn't use logic or reason or conventional wisdom.

Dick simply had a vision for winning Olympic Gold and setting an Olympic Record.

He embodied his vision, stayed true to it and this then gave rise not only to 'how' to achieve these outcomes but to their actual attainment.

In the same way it has for everyone else who has dared to follow and remain true to their dreams and been able to get beyond their logic and their fears and align their beliefs along the way.

But even if we buy this, the question remains... how do we do this?

How do we break the cycle? How do we stop reverting to our old ways of thinking and feeling and our old habits of behaviour?

How do we stop letting our logic run the show and allow ourselves to live from our vision and live free from fear?

Because let's face it, we've tried all that 'usual mindset stuff' and we've read the books on changing habits and we've done the courses and.... well 'it' doesn't really work does it!

Not really. Not significantly. Not like we want it to.

The books may be good but our results after reading the books aren't as good.

It's true..........statistically 'it' doesn't work. Not at all.

Statistically, even amongst those who actively try to change, most don't experience the changes they want relative to the time, energy and effort invested.

The reason being that most 'mindset' teachings are based on the equivalent of doing the scissor-kick, straddle or Western roll when what's required to really win is the equivalent of the Flop.

And yes it's unconventional but so is leading a happy, successful, fun and adventure-filled life!

If you want to win, unconventional is exactly what's required!

Conventional wisdom and playing 'follow the leader' are not recipes for winning in life and business...

Most people are not winning. Most are at war with themselves in some way.

They may be hiding it well but most are on a treadmill hoping one day they'll be able to get off. 

Most are giving more life to their worries and fears and dreads than they are to their dreams and desires. 

It's a pandemic.

And yet, if we just learned and accepted the truth about ourselves and how our mind works and applied this, we really could win!

And fast.

Now maybe you are winning... and if you are, that's great...

But whether you are or you aren't, if you'd like to reach completely new heights', to live life on your terms..... and enjoy a lot more time and money freedom, peace of mind and a lot less hustle and grind... 

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