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Do You Need A Personality Transplant?

It's not meant to be a rude question.

The reason for asking is this....

When we're trying to create a big change in some aspect of our life, it's normal to be thinking about the ways in which we can make it happen.

To think about what we can do and how. 

It's logical. It's what we're taught and conditioned to do.

The problem is that whilst such thinking may generate ideas and support us to make some measurable progress, it rarely results in delivering or sustaining the kind of shift we really want.

More often than not, what we think up and implement just turns out to be a new strategy for ending up with more or less the same outcome!

Why is this?

Firstly, logic is the enemy of creating big change in our lives...

Logic gets in the way because it stems from and anchors us to what we know.

It therefore brings our thinking into alignment with our experience and our current beliefs. 

And our current beliefs are what's keeping us where we are!

This happens because logic is ultimately a function of the ego and the ego is primarily concerned with one thing.


As I've written about before, the ego is essentially an elaborate safety mechanism. In keeping us safe, it's primary objective is to preserve the status quo.

So, when we step up to create the changes we want, our ego senses danger and deploys tactics and strategies to keep us where we are.

One such strategy is to throw everything in our way by way of thoughts, feelings, stories, circumstances and events to prevent us taking further action and to bring us back in line with where we are.

Another is to convince us that we're now on the right track to creating the change we want even although the ego knows it will only lead us back to safety or to stuck-ness!

It's a cruel but highly effective trick!

So, despite our desire for change and our innate knowledge that we're capable of creating it and so much more, the ego just keeps bringing us back...

Time and time and time again.

And it's so good at it!

Ego tactics include self-sabotage or convincing us that the cause of our failure is external to us.... (when it never is).

Our 'outside world' is only a mirror of what's going on in our 'inside world' and whilst this may be an uncomfortable truth, accepting it is the key to freedom, happiness and to doing and having whatever it is we really want.

And this is where our personality comes into play....

Our personality essentially consists of 3 key elements:-

1. How we habitually Think.

2. How we habitually Feel.

3. How we habitually Act.

As creative mechanisms, thinking and feeling are closely linked. A thought can trigger a feeling and a feeling can trigger a thought.

And once we're triggered, we can find ourselves on a train of thoughts and emotions which take us in the very opposite direction of our desires!

(Sometimes referred to as spiralling!)

Because the triggers can often be unconscious, it can be challenging to know which comes first - the thought or the feeling - but whichever is first, how we then act is always a function of our underlying feelings.

Or more specifically, how we act is always a function of our current 'state' of consciousness.

And, as it's our actions and behaviours (stemming from our state) which ultimately create our results, we can start to see that unless we fundamentally change how we habitually think and feel, we are destined to keep going around in circles.

And this invites the million dollar question...

If creating the change we want is dependent on changing how we habitually think, feel and act - which it is - how do we do this?

And the simple answer is that we must learn how to change our normal underlying state of consciousness.

In and of itself, changing our state is straightforward and simple.

We each do it every day however learning to embody and anchor a state which is dramatically different to the one we normally embody requires us to do one thing above all else.

To bypass our ego!

There is no other way.

And this is the problem with the vast majority of training, coaching and personal development advice available. 

It doesn't support us to do this. 

Which is precisely why the number of people who actually succeed in creating the levels of sustained change they really want on the back of investing in 'guru' programmes or coaching is so alarmingly small.

The truth is that if we really want to consciously change the trajectory of our lives, we must change our personality.

And, as I've explained, by this I mean we must change how we habitually think and feel...... or at least change this in respect of the aspects of our lives we want to change.

Curiously, we don't need to concern ourselves with changing how we behave. 

Standard advice tells us we need to but this is ill-informed and typically results in struggle and failure over the longer term.

Behaviour is a natural outcome of our thoughts and feelings and our thoughts and feelings are a function of our state.

So, in bypassing the ego to achieve and sustain a state change, we support ourselves to begin to consistently and habitually think and feel and act as the person who has already achieved our goals.

And what then happens - in a way that others may call 'lucky' or 'incredible' - we find ourselves experiencing the kind of shifts we've wanted all along!

Only this time, we experience the changes without the doubt, fear or effort we may have been accustomed to in the past.

If you'd like to learn more about how to bypass your ego so you can shift your own state of consciousness, change how you habitually think, feel and act achieve your goals with ease, I invite you to join me for my upcoming free webinar titled: "How To Create A Next Level Mindset."

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