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The Only Thing Between You and Your Sales Targets is a Belief

When I had my last business I was constantly thinking about how to grow our sales.

I knew we needed a number of things lined up and functioning well...

A clear vision and goals, the right products, positioning, distribution channels, effective marketing, capability in selling, delivery, customer service etc. etc.

There were lots of moving parts.

What I didn't know then was just how vital our beliefs are as part of the mix.

Not the conscious beliefs - everyone believes and knows they can do better than they're doing, 

The problem is they're not doing it.... the gap between the knowing and the results is a function of the subconscious.

Back then I didn't know that we continually create our results - moment to moment to moment - not based upon our conscious beliefs, desires, hard work or intentions but based upon our subconscious beliefs and our state of being.

And what I really didn't know was that we can never outperform our subconscious beliefs.

It doesn't matter how much we consciously know we're capable of or what we try and perfect on the outside.....if our subconscious beliefs and inner state are not aligned with the goal, it's not going to happen.

I also didn't know that when we upgrade our subconscious beliefs, the new beliefs put new results on autopilot!

And I didn’t know the reason top sales performers are consistently top performers is not because of their skillset but because of their mindset.

Or more specifically because of their subconscious beliefs and self-concept.

So I didn't know that anyone can quickly become a top sales performer.....if they want to.

That what's required is a shift in consciousness.

Because knowledge and skillset without the mindset is like having a fast car but no fuel.

Back then, I didn't know our results are always the outward expression of our internal story.

Even when it looks like they're the outcome of other things or on account of other people or circumstances.

I didn't know that until we really own this truth, we're destined to keep repeating old patterns.

Including the pattern of trying hard and wondering why our results don't change like we want them to.

Loopy as it seems, the only thing that holds an unwanted circumstance or result in our experience is our continued awareness of it!

I wish I’d known this back then and I wish I’d known that the fastest, most dependable way to grow sales and income is to focus on the SOURCE of results which is always our own consciousness and a simple set of foundational beliefs!


Then again, not knowing all of this was what eventually led me to finding out and to doing what I now do.

Coaching and teaching business owners and teams about their mind - what it actually is, how it works - and how to use it to transform results quickly and permanently (and with a lot less effort).

And I love what I do.

In doing this 'work', there's one question I'm asked more than almost any other....

"If the beliefs dictating my results are subconscious, how do I know what beliefs I actually have?"

And the answer is broadly this:-

Firstly, look at an area of your life or business you’d really like to change or have been trying to change for a while...

Secondly, realise that your current results are an accurate reflection of what you currently believe - not consciously but subconsciously.

Your beliefs are on display..... for your benefit - to make you conscious of them.

To make you conscious of what you subconsciously believe about your situation and about yourself....... so you can change this (if you want to).

For example - a subconscious belief that "selling is hard and that clients are hard to find" shows up in our experience as.....

Selling is hard and clients are hard to find!

Just as a belief that "selling is easy and new clients are plentiful" shows up in our experience as....

Selling is easy and new clients are plentiful!

Once you’re clear on this and prepared to fully own it - often the hardest part - you then have to determine what you’d need to believe in order to create the outcome you really want.

And of course this doesn't just relate to the desire - it relates to what you need to believe about yourself too.

Which may of course be the polar opposite to what you currently believe!

Whatever it is, the chosen new belief is not going to feel like a belief - it's going to feel like a lie!

But it's actually no more of a lie than the belief you've accepted which is currently masquerading as being your truth!

(Because this is how the mind works - we get to change or create any belief we want and when embedded as a belief, it then plays out in our experience as our truth).

Every time - without fail.

From here, it’s all about embedding the new belief which is primarily done through emotional involvement in the new belief and the desired outcome.... until it's natural and then expresses and shows the evidence of itself.

Of course it's so simple, it defies what we may currently believe! 🤔

And it also defies logic and reason - ironically two of the things which are driven by our existing subconscious beliefs - so most people therefore remain fixated upon and drawn to dealing with 'outcomes' instead.

And then wonder why things don't change very much or for very long or why they can't seem to get off the hamster wheel!

The simple truth is that if we want things to change, we've got to change first and whilst this is simple, it's the thing most people don't want to do...

But then again, is that just my belief?

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