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How to sell more in a single month than in an entire year.

As a seller have you ever been mystified,  bemused or frustrated by a buyer's indecision or reluctance to buy from you? 

Despite a good rapport, despite you knowing you have a truly great product or service and despite knowing you can help the buyer to achieve exactly the outcome they want, they still don't buy from you?


As a buyer or prospective client, have you ever just sensed something’s not quite right?

The seller seems honest and credible and on a personal level, you like them. 

Their product or service appears to be exactly the solution you’re looking for. 

Their pricing seems reasonable, they’ve a great track-record and they can deliver within your required time-frame and budget.

All of your 'buyer boxes' are ticked...


Something inside you is telling you NOT to press the GO button.

Something’s telling you to 'think about it' and delay any decision…. at least for now.

So you say you need to think about it, sleep on it, speak to someone or whatever else may come to mind in the moment.

And ultimately, having 'thought about it', you either don't proceed... (or you decide later to 'press go' with someone else).

Why is this? 

Why do buyers not buy and why do sellers not sell (even when there's a match)?

And is it really possible to take this awareness and sell more in a month than we've ever done in a year?

Let's look at this through the lens of the buyer... .. with you as the hypothetical buyer.

As the buyer, why despite all of your boxes having been ticked by the seller and despite you knowing you need a solution, were you not ready or willing to say yes?

The simple answer is because your conscious mind is not in charge of your decision-making process.

Your subconscious is.

And as with almost everything in your life - it's your subconscious which is running the show and dictating whether or not you say 'yes', 'no' or 'I’ll think about it'.

Left to its own devices, your subconscious will continually hijack your intellectual faculties and determine your conscious decisions.......even when they lead you to an undesirable outcome!

(By way of example, if you've ever wondered why you said 'YES' to the cake and biscuits and 'NO' to the alarm clock and gym despite your best conscious intentions to follow the diet and exercise plan, lose weight and get fit, this is why!)

As a buyer your decision (or indecision) is based almost entirely on two things.

1. What your subconscious is picking up from the seller's subconscious.

Circa 95% of all the communication that goes on between people is subconscious.

The same is of course true in the communication between a buyer and seller.

It doesn't matter whether it's a face-to-face meeting, via Zoom or Teams, by phone or even by email or text.

Communication is almost entirely from subconscious to subconscious.

What's picked up by the subconscious is then fed to the conscious mind (through a filter of mostly unconscious beliefs and assumptions) which then determine the subsequent thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours and outcomes.

It's a subtle but powerful energetic dance which is curiously quite separate from anything that's actually being said or heard!

As a Buyer it's important to know whether what's feeding your thoughts and feelings and thereby impacting your subsequent decision is a function of your own subconscious ‘programming' - (often relating to past experience, to beliefs about money and/or taking risk) - OR if it's what's coming from the seller's subconscious.

As a Seller it’s vital to understand you're always communicating subconsciously and that a successful outcome is dependent upon you aligning your subconscious with your desired outcome and of course with the outcome the buyer seeks to achieve in buying from / working with you.

2. The role of your subconscious mind in keeping you safe (a.k.a. stuck).

When it comes to the vast majority of decisions we make in our lives, it's helpful to know, as already mentioned, that our subconscious is making virtually all of them.

We may of course be consciously aware of our choices and decisions.

We may also believe we have free-will in which to make them.

And we may believe we've thought them through properly and applied logic and reason.


We may be quite unaware of how our mind actually works.

As such we may be frustrated by the outcomes of our decisions and the degree to which - no matter what, who or how hard we try - we find ourselves stuck facing the same old familiar but unwanted patterns of results. 

Month after month. Year after year.

The reason being that one major role of our subconscious mind is to keep us safe.

And to fulfil this role, it seeks to maintain the status quo.

Therefore - until we learn how to shift what the subconscious mind perceives as being the status quo - it will invariably cause us to think, decide and take actions which bring our outcomes back more or less in line with the very ones we are consciously seeking to get away from!

It can be so frustrating!!

We know we're capable of so much more but try as we may, we just can't unlock the potential within us.

It's the game between our higher self (which is all for growth, expansion, fuller expression and experience) and our limited, ego-self (which is all for staying safe and maintaining sameness... which translates to stuck-ness).

Sadly, without an understanding of the mind and it's dual nature, it's a game which can feel more like a war!

Without knowing what's going on, we're likely to fall for the ego-based illusions and in doing so, we deny ourself the speed and scale of growth, expansion, expression, fulfilment and freedom we truly desire.

We even deny ourselves the ability to think thoughts or entertain ideas that go beyond our beliefs! 

So, as a buyer seeking to find a solution to help you create the big change you consciously want, it's helpful to know your subconscious really doesn't want you to make a life-changing decision!

As a result, the solution you're seeking may be staring you in the face and although you may consciously or even intuitively know this, unless you get your subconscious onboard with your desire for change, it's going to sabotage you any which way it can in order to preserve the status quo!

The same goes for being a seller.

Your sales performance is only ever capped by the beliefs and assumptions you hold - consciously or unconsciously - about what's possible for you.

There is nothing else holding you back.


Gaining an awareness of how all of this plays out is transformational. 

Not just in the context of buying and selling but in the context of living the life we really want to live.

In a sales context, it shines a light on why it really is that top performing salespeople are consistently top performers. 

It also shines a light on why they're not consciously aware of it enough to be able to share their secret and leverage the performance across the entire business or team.

The truth is that becoming a top performing salesperson has very little to do with skillset and almost everything to do with mindset!

Go into a sales meeting with a great product knowledge and a conscious desire to help but with an underlying consciousness of "I need this sale" and your subconscious will faithfully ensure you remain in a state of "needing the sale".

To sustainably transform your results, the only way is to sustainably shift your state of consciousness.

Shifting your state opens you up to possibilities you wouldn't previously have entertained.

Like selling more in a month than you've ever sold in a year.

The good news is it's easy to learn how to shift your state and results are immediate.

Staying in state may take a little practice but when the results start showing up as they do, it becomes easy.

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