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Create the business, income and lifestyle you really want

without all the stress, hustle and grind.

Hi, I'm Rob Begg. 


As a high performance, mindset and success coach, I know this about YOU...


You have the potential within you to be, do and have whatever it is you really want.


And on some level you may know this too.


 Maybe you just need to find a way to unlock it.


A way which works every time, for every one.


If you're ready to take your business and life to the next level, I can show you how. 

3 Essential Components For Your Success

Source Not Symptoms

The sad reality is most coaching,  personal development and training programmes fail to deliver as promised or expected.


This is because they focus on the symptoms of results and not the source or root cause.


This makes change frustratingly difficult,  incremental or temporary.


If you really want to create a massive and permanent change in one or more areas of your life or business, you must address the root cause of your results.


Simply put, this means

learning how to change

the way you think.


Proven System

There's a science behind all success and achievement. 


An exact science


Success is not the result of hard work, luck or chance.

(You probably know this already.)


Success comes from working consciously or unconsciously 

with immutable Universal Laws and Principles. 


When you follow a proven system - 

developed from 60+ years of intensive research into the science of human potential and success, achieving your goals and dreams isn't just possible, it's guaranteed! 


Elite Level


Creating significant and sustained change on your own is almost impossible.


Those at the top of their game in any field know this and they seek out help.


Finding the right person to guide, coach and support you and who has the knowledge, skills, experience and capability to help you get real results is fundamental to your success. 


You need someone who provides the right blend of elite-level coaching and mentoring to help you get results quickly and acquire the skills and knowledge you need to keep taking your results to the next level and beyond.


What Do You Really Want?

You want something more, better, different.


Perhaps you already know what this is and you're well on your way to realising it.


Or, if you're like most people, perhaps you're not that clear or you feel stuck. 


The truth is 97% of all people go through life never really knowing what they want.


They base their wants on what they 'think' is possible or 'realistic'

or on what they've bought into about what they 'should' want. 


And so they sell themselves way, way, way short.


Their thoughts, feelings and behaviours lead to familiar old patterns of results and stop them from

expressing the potential they know deep-down is within them.


And they don't get to live the richly rewarding and fulfilling lives they deserve

and are capable of.


Yet it doesn't have to be this way!


Not one bit.


Because the truth is you were born to succeed.


Your only problem is nobody ever taught you how.


In fact most people are really taught how not to succeed.


The science of success isn't taught in schools. It should be but it isn't.


And success in life is a science. An exact one. 


There's a proven formula and when you follow it,

your success is an inevitable outcome.


Follow the formula and your locked-up potential starts to flow like never before.


The plain and simple truth is you absolutely can succeed and you can be, do and have whatever it is you really want.



probably sits at the heart of what you want.


It really doesn't matter how successful you already are.


It doesn't matter what age you are, what you've tried before or how long you may have been stuck, 


It doesn't matter if you don't yet know what you want.

That's OK. In fact it's normal, there's a reason for this and helping you become clear is part of the process.


All that matters is that you have a DESIRE for something more, better or different.


Because if you're also open and willing to be coached and mentored, I can show you exactly

how to be, do or have whatever it is you really you can live your life like you really want to live it.


How can I say this?

Because success is a science. It happens by Law, not by luck, chance or hard work.

And because I learned from the best.

I'm fortunate to be mentored by Bob Proctor, the world's leading

authority on human success and potential. 


Follow the formula, step-by-step and success is the outcome.


Just imagine what your life really could be like if you finally did learn how to unlock the potential

you know is within you and you began living completely on your own terms.

How I Help

Group Coaching

Group coaching is powerfully effective.


Enrolling in one of my group coaching programmes means you work with and are coached by me as one of a small group

of like-minded, results-driven individuals. 


You'll benefit massively from being in a group environment where learnings and experiences are shared and strong relationships are formed as we all go through the programme together.


Rob has several group programmes. Each is designed to deliver meaningful and lasting results. 


If you're serious about change, book a free Discovery Call and see which one may be right for you! 

1 on 1 Coaching

When you work 1 on 1 with Rob, you'll have a coaching

and study programme customised specifically for you.


Whether your goals relate to your health, relationships, finances, business, career, or something else, you'll gain an understanding of exactly what you need to do achieve them.


Rob is very focused on you and your results.


As such you will be required to 'stretch' like never before. 

Whilst Rob will coach, guide and support you, he'll also hold

you accountable too.


If you're serious about change, book a free Discovery Call and see if 1-2-1 coaching with Rob is right for you.

How To Start 

A Simple 3 Step Process

Book A

Complimentary Call

The first step is to set up a complimentary 'discovery' call.


If you're to make a shift and get the results you really want, it's important for you to understand why you are where you are, what's really been getting in your way and what it is you need to do to get the results you really want.


Your call with Rob will help you to become clear on all of this.


Gain The

Clarity You Need

The primary purpose of the discovery call is to help you.


On the call we'll discuss what it is you're seeking to achieve and what you feel has been getting in your way.


Rob will also answer any questions you

may have. 


You'll gain the clarity and understanding you need to make an informed decision about what to do next.

Make An 

Informed Decision

Once you've spoken with Rob, you'll be clear on why you are where you are,

on what you need to do and

on whether you and Rob are a fit

for working together.


You'll also be clear on which of Rob's coaching programmes may be best for you and be in a position to make an

informed decision on what to do next.


If you decide to work with Rob, you can get set up and started straight away. 

About Rob

Rob is a global expert in personal, professional and corporate performance.


As a high-performance coach, he devotes his life to helping individuals and teams around the world to ‘waken up’ to their true potential, live on purpose and set and achieve goals they may not previously have believed possible.


Rob helps his clients to get the results they really want and to live enriched, rewarding and fulfilling lives by teaching them how to change the one thing that changes everything - their habitual and conditioned way of thinking!


Rob's unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience gained during his time as an entrepreneur, business coach and high-performance mentor equip him to help his clients achieve truly astonishing results.


Rob has and continues to be personally mentored by the legendary Bob Proctor, is a fully certified Consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a qualified and experienced business coach. 


In my time working with Rob I've doubled my income and halved my time at work not once but twice. Rob has shown me how my mind works and finally helped me create the time and money freedom I've always wanted! 

Nick Dayman

Scotland, U.K.

Truthfully, I never really bought into the whole mindset thing until a conversation with Rob helped me see it for what it really is. I'm so grateful to have been introduced to Rob - my business has grown faster than I'd have believed possible and I'm happier, healthier and having way more fun and freedom to enjoy my life. 

Mark Tiedman

London. U.K.

Before working with Rob I'd tried a lot of thingsTo say I was cynical is a bit of an understatement but after speaking with Rob, I placed my faith and dived in.


And cutting a long story short, I'm so glad I did! 12 months later I'm earning more most weeks than I previously earned in a quarter! What's great is I'm now applying the principles to achieve another massive personal goal! 


My advice to anyone wanting real change is to jump at the chance to work with Rob. Then apply what he teaches and you'll be astonished by how quickly your world changes!

Fiona Conti

Toronto, Canada

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